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The latest range of Herbert Richter Suction Mounting Systems

Herbert Richter Suction Mounting systems can be fixed and removed onto your vehicle windshield or alternatively onto any flat surface.

eXpansys recommendations are:

Herbert Richter Swivel Fix Ball Mountball
The ideal partner to the Herbert Richter range of specific cradles for HTC devices and for the Herbert Richer Universal PDA and Mobile Phone 'GRIPPER' cradles to support an even wider range of devices. Features vibration-free mounting, adjustment to landscape or portrait view, 70 mm suction cup, heightened shank and includes a swivel ball and locking screw.

Herbert Richter Star Mount Compact
The innovative suction socket can be pressed against the surface and assures an optimal vibration free hold.  Produced without vacuum lock to offer a lower priced alternative. Features 360º socket rotation and can be adjusted 60º to the driver’s view.


Herbert Richter Compact Suction Mount 1Mount `
To enable positioning adjustment of the device the swivel fix ball pivot has been integrated into this modern suction mount. The modular 4-prong-ratcheting plate rotates 360° to any format (portrait and landscape view). Horizontal and vertical adjustment by 60° to driver’s view.  Mount can be folded towards suction cup (by 180°) in order to save space. The 4 prong ratcheting system attaches instantly to 4-hole-ratcheting-system of any HR holder .

Herbert Richter Micro Global 8.1 Tower SystemTower
Especially suitably for small and compact devices.
Compact miniature-connection system free of vibrations.
The modular 4-prong-ratcheting plate rotates 360° to any format (portrait and landscape view). 
360º swivelling tower base.
Strong suction mount to windshield, or any flat smooth surface using the supplied self-adhesive disc.

All of the Herbert Richter Mounting Solutions utilise the approved 4-prong ratcheting system, which can be instantly attached to each Herbert Richter holder.  Choose the holder and mount. Combine.  Then install in your vehicle!Gripper

Herbert Richter Gripper 3 PDA Holder
An adjustable Phone & Smartphone holder to attach to the range of Herbert Richter mounting solutions.
Squeeze sides to close, and press button to release the device Adjustable sides grip any phone and keep it firmly.
Adjustable supports to fit all electric adapters.
Self-adhesive pad included.
4-hole ratcheting system on back of holder attaches instantly to any Herbert Richter mount solution.
Holder rotates 360°.  For all devices with width from 1.46 to 2.64 inches (37 mm to 67 mm).

Herbert Richter MAXI PHONE GRIPPER 2 Holder
Universal mobile holder, especially suitable for small, compact devices.  The handset can be released at the touch of a button, with side brackets providing an improved closing pressure to ensure a secure hold.  Dimensions: 140 x 69 x 57mm.
Herbert Richter Navigation Device HolderHolder
This is an adjustable navigation device holder which can be attached to the range of Herbert Richter mounting solutions. With adjustable top and bottom side grips, it holds any navigational device firmly.  Holder can be positioned to the optimal view of the driver.   For all navigational devices with width from 85mm to 170mm and height of 60mm to 100mm. Compatible with nearly all of TomTom PNDs, Becker, Magellan, Garmin, Blaupunkt, Navman, Medion, Garmin, Falk to name a few.

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