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U600 Master Reset

Posted: 18:04 10 Nov 07 #1

This will reset the u600 back to factory defaults. It will set your phone back to the way it was before it was first used. Practical in case there are passwords on the camera, files or other parts of the phone. This does NOT UNLOCK the sim.

WARNING: all the files, pictures, videos, music, etc... will be earased!

type this code in at the start screen 


The phone will reboot and reset itself. 

Posted: 17:51 16 Dec 07 #2
  • suesimp
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I have somehow changed the settings on the camera and have no manual to figure out how to change.  If I reset the phone will this also delete my phone contacts, etc.  I can save photos, images, and music to my memory card.  Is there a way I can save contact details to the memory card?
Posted: 20:48 16 Dec 07 #3
  • anitalg
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Cant you back your numbers up to sim and just chuck a spare sim in to faff about?  I dont honestly think it should sipe your sim numbers anyway but dont quote me on it!!  What settings on your camera do you need to change, it might just be easier to answer that then you wont need to reset
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