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full memory but no files? (sansa m240)

Posted: 17:37 11 Dec 07 #1
So I'm trying to open up my sandisk m240 on my new laptop.  sadly with vista.  Evil thing that it is.  Anyways, I know the thing is almost full and my computer reads it as such, but it won't open the files and when I try opening it on Windows Media Player, it says there aren't any files.  But they show on the memory and on the MP3!!!  I went to the sans site to try downloading a driver, but that was a miserable failure.  How can I get to my songs?!?!
Posted: 19:16 11 Dec 07 #2

Is the unit in MSC or MTP mode?

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Posted: 02:40 16 Oct 08 #3
It's kind of crazy, but here's what works for me (pain in the butt too).  Some of the songs, you can see in explorer IF you set the MP3 player to Autodetect.  The rest of the songs you can see if you switch to MSC.

So to be able to see all of the songs, I need to switch from one to another.  I suppose that if I reformat the mp3 player (after having backed up all songs).  Then I can choose just one mode to upload the songs.

I'm guessing that it has to do with differences with rhapsody, windows music player from XP and windows music player from Vista.  But not sure.

Go to MENU>> Settings>> USB >> and switch between 'auto detect' and MSC.
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