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Posted: 16:46 12 Jan 08 #1
  • Anony
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Hi there, looking to unlock & unbrand a new K770i on T-Mobile.

Can anyone help, I cant seem to get any of the usual remote unlocking companies to come up with a code and as for re-branding I am lost. I have been told to look at but that website does not seem to work and I cant get hold of any site hosting the XS++ program either.

Appologies if I have posted in the wrong forum, there does not seem to be a section for the K770i.




Posted: 23:21 10 Feb 08 #3
  • shanecr
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  • shanecr
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this phone is db2020 and so can be unlocked free using the supplied cable. i have done so myelf on a db2020 phone and can confirm it works.

the phone i unlocked was a w610i but i will soon receive my k770i and i will unlock this also. the link below is what i used and i found it very simple to follow.

Posted: 22:03 18 Nov 14 #5
  • jayas
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To get your sony ericson K770i  unlocked on T-Mobile network follow the instructions here using unlock code specified in this site  proceed unlocking your mobile..

use this site for unbranding sony ericon k770i

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