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A solution to all those dropped wireless connections?

Posted: 13:18 02 Feb 08 #1
  • hy-studio
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I have a wireless G ADSL modem router F5D7632v1.UK.1.00.09

After years of wireless heaven (for my PC and Mac) things went bad a few months ago. I had to change some router settings to suit an iPhone and this resulted in none of my devices connecting reliably. So I changed the settings back to what they were originally and turned the phone off...but this made no difference :-(


After days of frustration where I tried firmware updates, different channels, various phone/pc/mac settings, I decided to turn the router off and sulk in a corner. Later that day I turned it back on all worked! That's the PC, Mac and iPhone all wirelessly connected and surfing, reliably for months!!!

This week we had a minor power glitch on the router and the same connectivity problem has upset me for days. Not really knowing what sorted this out the first time I again embarked on hours of work changing channel numbers, router locations, device settings etc. In the end I decided to turn it off and sulk again. Turned it on again, after a day to cool off, and everything is perfect again :-)

So, is there a need to turn these things off when you change settings or experience a power glitch?

To let the unit cool perhaps?

To allow some area of volatile memory to clear down?

To give the air in the house a chance to clear of all those bad waves? ;-)


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