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Withheld numbers on D900i

Posted: 01:56 23 Feb 08 #1
  • Amberxg
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How can i find out withheld numbers on my samsung d900i, i know theres a way to do it witout contacting a network provider, i just dont know how to do it. It's impotant that i find this out. I think delboy could help out...


                                                                          Cheers, amber

Posted: 08:37 23 Feb 08 #2
  • Delboy57
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  • Delboy57
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Hi Amber- have not heard of this one before but will look into it for you.

 I do know you can Block incoming messages >

Go to Messages > Settings > Text Messages >Block Number > 



Posted: 09:34 23 Feb 08 #3
  • anitalg
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  • anitalg
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Dont believe you can, thats sort of the point of them being withheld?
Posted: 14:19 30 Mar 08 #4

Hi, This is to block numbers not to actually find out the number of the withheld caller, ur provider will know but they wont tell you due to data protection, if you want the caller warned though, your provider will tell the police, the police wont tell you who it was either but they will go and see the person whos number they are given and warn them.


To block certain numbers Open your phone and the press green caller button and you will get a list of you recent calls. Press options on any number apart from withheld ones. Scroll down the list and go into 'reject list'. Here will be a list that you can add numbers to, that you dont want to receive calls from. If you want to bar a certain number press options while in the list and then add, you can look thru all ur numbers in phonebook ect, or recent contacts if you only have the number and dont know who the caller is. Tick the number you want to block and then save. You can save up to to numbers. When the caller that you have blocked calls you ur phone they will automatically be rejected and they will get a busy tone. You phone will still show u they tried to call as a missed call from that number. Unfortinuatly u cannot block withheld numbers, but if the person calling u off a witheld number is one of the numbers in ur reject list, ur phone will pick up on this and reject the withheld number anyway


Hope that helps

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