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no sound/intermittent sound

Posted: 01:03 28 Mar 08 #1
  • vexx85
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i just got an unlocked tytn and it's being a bit of a pain. i can't seem to get the sound to work consistently. at first, i couldn't get any sound out of it at all. then i tried to play a song with windows media player and about halfway through the song the sound kicked in, then my ringer started to work, my notifications etc. then it went out again. i updated the firrmware to the latest version last night and the sound worked perfectly right out of the gates. no trouble whatsoever. woke up this morning, no sound.

 i have no problems with the sound when i have the headphones plugged in. also, with the sound sometimes working it makes me think it's a software issue rather than a faulty speaker. any ideas on a permanent fix? or should i be asking for my money back?

Posted: 14:55 06 Apr 08 #2
  • MikeChannon
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  • MikeChannon
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Actually because it is inconsistent, I think it's more likely to be a hardware issue. It is also not that uncommon. There is a small white push in connector with black and red wires under the rear housing. It is fairly easily dislodged if the phone gets a knock. Normally just pulling it off and pushing it firmly back into place solves the problem. (Very rarely the speaker has a broken coil). see here - connector on top edge.:


To re-seat the connector you would need a Torx number 6 screwdriver and a soft edged tool to open the case from the bottom end first. There are four screws on the back casing. One of which may be under a VOID sticker. (This is of course a warranty voiding procedure)



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