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PC software for V3 RAZR

Posted: 00:45 15 Apr 08 #1
I had bought a RAZR V3 and wish to find some software that I can interface with my phone when I have it connected to my RAZR from my PC. Is there a free program which does this? You know something that can transfer ringtones, pictures, games, Etc. I have the cable already.

Thanks in advance.

If it is not free but you have the .exe could you .rar it and email it to catalystic37 (at) hot mail dot com greatly appreciated.
Posted: 09:42 15 Apr 08 #2
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There should have been one in the box. The early V3's didn't but the later ones came with demo then fully featured copies of the Motorola PC Suit (Phone tools by BVRP software).

If you didn't get it, then unfortunately its not free. Motorola expect you to pay for it (cheeky I know). There are a couple of free alternatives, Motomodders used to be the place for stuff like this but the site looks like its down. Try looking for the PK2 manager.

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