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c902 master reset playing up?

Posted: 08:39 24 Nov 08 #1
hi. thank you in advanced for the replys. basically i decided to master reset my phone. it advised me that it may take a few mins. after accepting is says please wait. this was at 8pm. 7am the next morning it is telling me to please wait still while it performs a master reset.  i opened the back and took the battery out. waited a min then put it back in. the message still apears as please wait. how do i solve this problem. all i wanted to do was master reset the phone. has anyone else had this problem and how did u solve it???. thanks
Posted: 18:11 24 Nov 08 #2

I would advise you connect the phone to the Sony Ericsson update service - download this for free from SE's website.  Try and do an update on your phone - if there are no new ones available choose continue anyway and reinstall the phone's entire firmware


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