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QWERTY Keyboard stuck in shift mode

Posted: 17:22 27 Nov 08 #1
Hi there

There's probably a really simple explanation for this, but the QWERTY keyboard on my iPAQ hw6915 seems to have jammed itself on the shift setting. If I press the lock/Shift key or the one below it with the O on (or even both at the same time!) it doesn't alter anything.  So all I can type are the alternative characters and not any of the actual letters.  The help menu doesn’t seem to address anything to do with the keypad.

Any help anyone can give would be most appreciated.

Posted: 18:44 01 Dec 08 #2
  • gshaw
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Yeah it has a habit of doing that sometimes, need to press the O button first then the Lock\Shift button (to remove caps lock) or Num\Tab (to come off special characters \ number lock) then you should notice the symbol on the bottom of the screen (by the keyboard button) change. When in a lock mode it'll be either an A or a 1

Hope this helps :)

Posted: 13:17 02 Dec 08 #3
Thanks ever so much for that.  Sorted out the problem straight away.
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