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How to get the MAC address

Posted: 21:11 10 Mar 09 #1
  • qik1
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Hi all
I juat got this phone and need to get the Network MAC address of the phone to be able connect to my WiFi router, I have NAC adrress filtering turned "on" on the router.

Can you please tell me how do I get the MAC address of the phone?

Posted: 22:34 10 Mar 09 #2
  • Step666
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  • Step666
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After all of 30 seconds on Google, I found a code which is supposed to tell you what your MAC is: *#62209526#

Posted: 07:54 11 Mar 09 #3
  • dawsonas
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  • dawsonas
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Yep thats the code to enter on the keypad, alternatively there are a couple of utilities that do the job for you.

Still don not understrand why people bother with MAC address filtering though as its a complete waste of time and adds nothing to the security of the network - unless its mandated by some inane corporate policy.

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