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Problem with 'Limited Service' message on u700

Posted: 16:03 17 Jul 09 #1
  • juniorD
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Hey i really need someone to help me on this. I bought a Samsung SGH-u700 Triband GSM but i always get the 'Limited Service' message on my phone. Now i have gotten mixed reports that this phone can work on the AT&T network. I live in the Bahamas an we run on the same system or setup if u will as AT&T. Regular 2G, 1900mhz GSM system. Ive searched all over the internet and have found ppl saying that i should flash my phones firmware or IMEI to reset it. Problem is none of the flash files that are available for download say anything about them being compatible with any US carriers. To top I called Samsung in the US an i was told that the phone is not one of their registered products.


Please help......

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