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k700i master reset

Posted: 14:04 08 Jul 04 #1
  • adonis_m9
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  • Join Date: 8 July 2004
  • Occupation: Mobile Graphics Designer
  • Location: London UK
i bought my k700i from expansys almost two weeks ago.
had the usuall bugs and problems with the phone, including the battery bug.
other bugs i encountered were:
-phone auto soft resets when doing strenious tasks.
-lag in user interface
-games being corrupt
-files being corrupt
-contacts going missing
-and also the phone not being able to view/play media.

all the above problems i think are cos of the temporary memory hole used by the phone.

but what bothers me now is, my camera function completely stopped working.
when i swithced to take a pic, it went to the camera mode, but then returned, to the normal standby screen, tried many times to get inot the camera mode but no success.
so decided to do a master reset.
after entering the code for master reset, the phone turned off, and hasn't turned on since, has been now half an hour.
i tried turning the phone on, still no luck.
so now i'm stuck with a great phone with many bugs, and doesn't turn on.

any ideas on this situation before i decide to get a full refund and give someone an earfull


Posted: 20:56 14 Jul 04 #2
  • MattD
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  • Join Date: 14 July 2004
I'm having very similar problems to the above on Orange. I purchased the phone this Sunday, it started playing up as soon as i switched it on.

Problems i'm having with the phone:
- Keeps reseting itself regardless of what i'm doing, normally twice an hour
- Will completly freeze with a white screen, no buttons will work and the only way around it is to take the battery out, again normallt happens twice an hour.
- Displays the message 'insert SIM' even though it has been switched on for 15 minutes and i've been able to make phone calls up to that point.

I've swapped the phone out and was given a new phone. This phone however has exactly the same problems.

Have spoken to Sony-Ericsson who were next to useless and have said they haven't encountered any of these problems before, and i should swap it out again. After waiting 45 minutes to speak to someone at Orange 'technical support' (what a joke), they tried to fob me off with and i quote "phones these days do shut themselves down when they think they have a problem, this is quite common on modern phones". Well it's never happened on any Nokia phones i've had over the past 6 years.

Sorry to sound like a whinging old man, but i'm sooooo p**sed off.

If anyone has any suggestion on what i can do i'd greatly appreciate it. I have no technical expertise so please go easy on me.
Posted: 21:58 14 Jul 04 #3
  • Bliksem
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  • Join Date: 9 July 2004
Adonis you will be able to update the phone soon hopefully, se have placed an online update service on their site, but its not "public" yet, it should be available soon though.

MattD unfortunately your phone is customised by orange and se dont produce the orange firmware. You cant use the online update because it checks the firmware version and language packs and then updates acordingly. You will have to get updates through orange.

heres the SE k700 online update url
Posted: 23:53 16 Jul 04 #4
  • adonis_m9
  • 3 Posts
  • Join Date: 8 July 2004
  • Occupation: Mobile Graphics Designer
  • Location: London UK
i've got myself another one.
will be using that service once it comes back online.
SE have taken it off line, as it wasn't meant to go online anyway.
the new phone works fine (from another place)and was 20 cheaper, i got the DSS-25 also for the same price as i bought it off expansys originally.

best thing to do is wait for the firmware updtae to launch properly and then update it, either via an SE service centre or yourself using the update site.
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