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Can't open :(

Posted: 23:56 25 Jul 04 #1
  • Koz
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  • Join Date: 25 July 2004
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Hey all, I just bought the DI-624 with the DWL-G650 notebook card. Everything was installing smoothly until I had to go to the website. It won't load...what can I do?? It just gives me the "website not responding" error message.
Posted: 02:45 26 Jul 04 #2
  • Koz
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  • Join Date: 25 July 2004
  • Occupation: Court B*tch
Update: I was able to access the site by downloading a new version of Java. Everything is set up, but AOL can't detect anything. Everything works, but I can't get online wirelessly! ugh!
Posted: 22:46 13 Sep 04 #3
  • paula ledney
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  • Occupation: self employed
i have abroadband modem / don't have AOL
Posted: 03:34 18 Sep 04 #4
  • a houget
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  • Occupation: manager
I have broadband modem / don't have aol
Posted: 21:18 19 Sep 04 #5
  • dfmuncey
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  • Join Date: 19 September 2004
I am having problems connecting to thehttp:// link What should I do
Posted: 21:26 19 Sep 04 #6
  • dfmuncey
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  • Join Date: 19 September 2004
Do you have any suggestions for me?
Posted: 04:02 11 Apr 05 #7
Hi, did you find a solution to your problem ?

I can't open "" either.

Please let me know what you did.
Posted: 11:35 11 May 05 #8
  • redhatch
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  • redhatch
  • Join Date: 11 May 2005
  • Occupation: Dlink Tech Support
Are you able to ping the router ? ?

IF yes, check for firewalls that could be blocking it
make sure that in Internet Explorer its tools/internet then Connections "Never Dial A Connection is checked" and that in Lan settings Nothing is checked.

IF no, make sure your ethernet cable that goes from your computer to the router is plugged in the LAN1 and not WAN. where WAN is plugged in the LAN1.
reset it and see if your able to get IP (or any other 192.168.0.x)

let me know what you get once you try pinging from the command prompt.

Posted: 04:51 08 Jul 05 #9
  • Explain
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On my eMac G-4, with AOL & get "website not responding" to My Router is properly set up with the modem and plugged into Comcast Cable outlet. Quick Install Guide is for PC's only. I have version 5.2 Explorer with OSX.3. What does "ping the router" mean? This is my first computer, first question. Help!
Posted: 03:52 23 Jul 05 #10
  • lynn9493
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  • Join Date: 23 July 2005
help I cannot get to connect
Posted: 03:10 12 Sep 05 #11
  • apostleny
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  • Join Date: 12 September 2005
  • Occupation: apostle
I just purchased DI-524 I can get onto the site, but the wizard will not run. It is blocked everytime that I try. I removed what I thought was the "offending" software and allowed pop-ups, but nothing helps.
Posted: 00:48 05 Oct 05 #12
  • mbanmiller
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  • Join Date: 5 October 2005
  • Occupation: VP
I also cannot open
Posted: 00:10 09 Nov 05 #13
  • lizpuga
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  • Join Date: 9 November 2005
I can not open how frustrating!
Posted: 22:20 13 Nov 05 #14
  • andris
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  • Join Date: 13 November 2005
  • Occupation: Andris Millers
lets check step by step:
(I will write steps for MS Windows XP, but for other versions of Windows these steps are similar)

1) lets check your IP address:
* click "start" -> "Settings" -> "Network Connections";
* click with right mouse button on "Local Area Connection" and choose properties;
* "Local Area Connection Properties" window opens
* in bottom of list there must be Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and checkbox before it must be checked. Select it by pressing once on it with left mouse button and then press on properties button.
* Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window opens. There you can see your IP address setings. If you have selected "Obtain an IP address automatically", then you must select "Use the folowing IP address".

Your IP Address must start with 192.168.0. and last number must be from 2 to 254 for example
subnet mask must be and gateway must be

* Press in both windows "OK" button.

2) Lets check internet explorer settings:
* open internet explorer
* from top menu select "Tools" and then "Internet options..."
* select "connections" on top
* press "LAN settings..." button
* you must uncheck all three checkboxes
* Press in both windows "OK" button.

3) Lets try to ping
* press "start" -> "run"
* write in "cmd" without quotation marks
* black command prompt window opens
* write in "ping" without quotation marks and press enter
if you have results like that (Reply from...) then everything is ok for now and you may skip to step 4:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0%
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms

if you have "Hardware error." or "Request timed out." instead of "Reply from"
then check cable and is router powered on and is cable from your computer connected to LAN not WAN port of router. If cable is ok then link indicator must light up on port number you connected your computer. If not, check cable and network card of computer.

IP address of router also could be changed. You can restart your router by pressing restart button on router and keep it pressed for ~5 seconds and then release it - this will restore factory default settings for router. WARNING - all settings of router will be lost and you will need to configure them again.

try to make step 3 from begining

4) lets try to open web management
* open Internet Explorer
* write in address field "" without quotation marks and press enter
* if everything is ok, then you must see authorization form with username and password fields.

Hope this will help you!
Posted: 10:49 14 Nov 05 #15
  • ivanbasnayake
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  • Join Date: 14 November 2005
  • Occupation: hotrlerie
I can't open tell me how to do it
Posted: 14:02 27 Nov 05 #16
  • evrim
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  • Join Date: 27 November 2005
  • Occupation: student
how did you handle this proıblem? i have a zyxel modem and the model is prestige 600
Posted: 23:05 10 Dec 05 #17
hi all my vp dont work sorneson vp how pls you e mail me soon
Posted: 00:19 14 Jan 06 #18
  • poboy
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  • Join Date: 13 January 2006
I just bought a DI-524and tried to install but could not get the router to ping. I got the prompt with logon pop-up screen and when I typed pssword and clicked ok it keeps returning to the logon popup screen. Do I need to return to OfficeMax. Let me know.
Posted: 23:59 14 Jan 06 #19
  • motdar
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hello still not work open is
Posted: 00:16 15 Jan 06 #20
  • motdar
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  • Join Date: 11 January 2006
  • Occupation: kippy

Configuring the VP-100 Settings:

1) Select “Setting”
2) Select “Network”
3) Select “Address”
a. IP address:
b. Subnet address:
c. Gateway address:
4) Select “OK”
5) Select “DNS”
a. Primary DNS:
b. Secondary DNS:

Comments: My girlfriend thought our VP was not working, she went on resetting all information which caused everything to get messed up. Actually it was my cable that got disconnected that caused her to think VP was the problem. Now the cable is connected and the VP is not working.

I've set the address with IP Address at



Primary DNS

it's not working, and I do not know if you need MAC address it is 00:0F:3D:7A:6D:CF

Please let me know if I need to do something more.....

Thank you
send to me need help please smile
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