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T610 stuck in handsfree mode

Posted: 15:05 08 Aug 04 #1
My T610 has somehow got stuck in handsfree even when the handsfree kit is not connected. I've tried resetting the profile but this still doesn't activate it. My handsfree is now getting a little dodgy connection wise but without it, I can't use the phone. Any suggestions on how I can get it out of this? I'm on hols in the USA so can't pop into where I bought it to get it changed.
Posted: 15:22 08 Aug 04 #2
  • n1kesh
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If it is a bluetooth handsfree kit then try and turn the bluetooth off or if it is d wire connection headset then go to connectivity and then accessories then go to the headset symbol and disconnect it.
Posted: 15:47 08 Aug 04 #3
It's connected by a wire and I've just tried that and when I get to accessories, it says that no accessories are connected (and thats whether the wire for the hands free is connected or not!) any other suggestions?
Posted: 02:22 10 Aug 04 #4
  • davros
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i got stuck in a hands free mode with the audio gateway(via bluetooth) on my laptop
i endedup having to do a factory reset and that got it back to normal(had to reload wallpaper etc) but did not lose the phone numbers & pictures
Posted: 21:43 21 Jan 05 #5
I have a similar recurring problem. I will wake the SET610 (for example by moving the joystick), and the screen will light up... then sometimes a moment later, the "three squares" icon may appear at the top of the screen, and a dialog message is displayed: "Prot Handsfree". The only problem is that I don't have a headset attached.

I can navigate to Settings : Profiles and choose "Normal"; then the "three squares" handsfree icon disappears. However, I still get no sound out of the built-in speaker. If I turn the phone off and back on, then often the speaker will work again, for anywhere from a few minutes to a day. At some point, the unit will again switch to handsfree profile by itself, and the cycle repeats.

If I use a real wired headset, then that headset works fine; and if I use a bluetooth headset, then that works fine also, even when the phone is erroneously in handsfree mode.

I tried a Master Reset, after which the internal speaker worked for almost 24 hours; then the T610 flipped back to Handsfree profile again.

The phone worked fine for 1.5 years; I have not updated firmware, loaded apps, etc. Could this be a physical problem? Can anyone suggest whether there are any contacts on the bottom of the phone which might cause the phone to think that a headset is attached? Mine have gotten bits of pocket crud stuck in them now and then.
Posted: 14:55 11 Feb 05 #6
  • rajg31
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I have the same problem with my SE Z600. As it is essentially the same phone as the T610, I wonder if its a bug that pops up now and then. - Check similar posting in the Z600 forum as well.
Posted: 16:48 04 Jul 05 #7
I have same problems as you
Some url adress pls
I need hlp?
Posted: 19:22 16 Sep 06 #8
  • fabin007
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there is problem with u'r t610's hardware. u have to replace the small interface ic in phone, near bottom connector. or there is a simple trick to activate normal mode without replacing the ic. please go to
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