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Processor - Expansys HK

Posted: 23:16 16 Jun 12 #1
  • nickz_1
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Which processor does Expansys HK sell for the HTC One S ? 

The S4 1.5 Ghz or the S3 1.7 Ghz version ? 

It is specified on the bundle with the TDK headphones, but not on the regular phone without the TDK headphones. 

Also, How long will it take to restock this item ? 

Thank you very much 

Posted: 03:30 18 Jun 12 #2
  • Sudhirhk
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All our HTC One S devices (with or without bundles) are with S4 1.5GHz processor.

Posted: 12:32 04 Jul 12 #3
  • nauti4u
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  • Location: Portugal (EU)

That information is not true, because this company sold me an htc one s with 1,7 GHz processor and they even told me this one is better than the 1,5 GHz (S4).

They try  to fool their customers !

Posted: 14:41 04 Jul 12 #4
  • didixuan
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Posted: 03:33 05 Jul 12 #5
  • NateM
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Hello nauti4u,

This thread was made specifically in reference to the Hong Kong site, and the answer was from one of our HK staff referring to the stocks we carry in Hong Kong. Since this time, we have also started carrying the 1.7 Ghz version here in Hong Kong due to some customer requests, but on all Asian websites, it is clearly labelled which items use the S4 1.5Ghz processor, and which ones use the S3 1.7Ghz version.

We took a look at your order, and it appears to have been made in the EU. It is possible that the EU team was not aware of this, as the S3 1.7Ghz versions were initially only used in Asian versions. We have forwarded your case to the EU team so that they can follow up with you.


Posted: 07:43 12 Jul 12 #6
  • jaidonmitchell
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According to me your information is wrong because HTC company sold me HTC One S phone with 1.7GHz processor. It is much better than the 1.5GHz processor and It's data transfer speed has more than another processor.

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