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n35 users manual

Posted: 20:24 09 Jun 05 #1
  • jmh5
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my n35 came with a Chinese cd and no users manual. Is there a site to download a users manual for the n35? jmh
Posted: 18:06 14 Jun 05 #2
fear not the power of the google.

I just copied and pasted "n35 users manual" into google and 0.08 seconds later (or thereabouts), up popped the site I have linked to below:
Posted: 10:33 15 Jun 05 #3
  • Michael
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  • Michael
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Thanks, I have made the link clickable.

N35 manual.
Michael - eXpansys
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Posted: 22:40 15 Jun 05 #4
  • jmhdoc
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Thanks, guys...I had been trying to get it through Acer or where I bought the unit,,,crazy of me. I should have thoght of Google. So far I love the unit. Got it from Apparantly Acer does not support this unit in the USA. It cane with On Course Navigator USA which I am very happy with. I am not sure I would have bought it If I had known Acer didn't support it in the USA. Hope nothing goes wrong with it. jmh
Posted: 13:43 05 Nov 05 #5
can i down load users manual for acer n35
Posted: 21:05 24 Nov 05 #6
  • E.I.Addyo
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  • Join Date: 24 November 2005
Maureen - Users manual is at the link above. Just click on that - then on the pdf document. If you have acrobat on your machine it will load up straight away.

Also - do you have the Blue / White Acer N35 Handheld Companion CD?
Pop that in your CD Drive. This will probably autostart, then do the following :

1.When it opens up completely, close the pop-up window & leave the CD in.
2.Click on START then MY COMPUTER
3.In your CD drive you will see OFFICE10
4.RIGHT CLICK Once on Office10 and you will get a context menu.
6.DOUBLE-LEFT-CLICK the OEM Folder in the subsequent window.
7. DOUBLE-LEFT-CLICK the DOCS folder in the subsequent window.
8. The English Manual is called: Acer N35 QG_English this is the same file as the link above.


Posted: 21:23 25 Oct 06 #7
  • asrarsamad
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Does anyone know the answer to the following:

1. Acer N35has MS Outlook 2002 and my work laptop has 2003. Where do I get Outlook 2003 for my ACER PDA?

2. I have TOMTOM software, but when I try to use TOMTOM within N35, the GPS is never found. Does anyone know the exact configuration required?

Posted: 11:50 26 Oct 06 #8
  • breny
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You could try updating the iso image on your n35 to version 2.10>

I also have tomtom for my n35 and it works some times, the n35 is not designed/supported for tomtom. I`ve heard some people
have problems and some people don`t !!. just in case it is a setup problem these are the correct settings:
Select> OTHER NMEA GPS DEVICE, Select> BAUD RATE 4800 and select> GPS ON NAVIGATOR and you should be OK
Try iGO it also a very good gps nav system.

Posted: 16:59 20 Nov 06 #9
  • marbles
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  • Join Date: 20 November 2006
  • Occupation: teacher
anyone still using the destinator gps on their n35? mine needs re installing when ever i run out of battery and now i don''t have the codes i need, can anyone help? I would love tomtom if anyone is feeling generous
Posted: 14:59 12 Dec 06 #10
  • lankylanger
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hi if you still want a copy of tomtom please email me @ david @
Posted: 15:19 29 Mar 07 #11
  • faster1000
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Hi,I have lost my n35 DC charger. Just want to know about the voltage?Bcz its not in n35 mannual and not written on the n35.Thanks
Posted: 17:45 06 Apr 07 #12
My N series charger is rated at 5v


Dave J
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