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KQ-U8A MODEL: DCU-11 NO: WT048000317

Posted: 04:53 10 Jun 05 #1
I have the same cable (KQ-U8A MODEL: DCU-11 NO: WT048000317. Made in China) ,too.but it's driver was lose by me, can you help me? send a copy to me? thanks!!!
Posted: 23:20 26 Jun 05 #2
  • kesnut
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  • Join Date: 26 June 2005
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same here, of anyone has it...
send it to me also
Posted: 13:13 17 Nov 05 #3
  • Lotars
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  • Join Date: 17 November 2005
Please help mee too, I am searching for this driver 4 days!!!!!!!!!
If you have any ideas please tell mee too.
Posted: 12:52 21 Nov 05 #4
  • bighead
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  • Join Date: 21 November 2005
  • Occupation: Sales Manager
same as me,
If your have the driver, please send me a copy at
Posted: 16:51 03 Dec 05 #5
  • Bengt Gerstrom
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Posted: 13:23 21 Dec 05 #6
  • hohmach
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Posted: 22:38 13 Mar 06 #7
  • aae
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hola soy mexicano nesesito el software de mi cable me lo pueden psasar
Posted: 07:02 27 Mar 06 #8
  • buddy_hz
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  • Join Date: 27 March 2006
  • Occupation: student
I Can help you.

File name:"Setup_USB_driver1.9.1.rar"

And "FMA" is a very well download tools.
Posted: 09:41 11 Jun 06 #9
  • sumel3000
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  • Join Date: 11 June 2006
  • Occupation: Trabajo
Hola que tal miren compañeros tengo un gran problema que no puedo resolver haber si alguien de ustedes me puede ayudar se lo agradeceria mucho, el problema que tengo es que no puedo hacer trabajar mi cable de datos "USB Data Cable KQ-U8A" con mi telefono Nokia 6260, osea no puedo hacer que se comunique el celular con la PC, El Software que utilizo es el Nokia PC Suite, no se si es que necesito utilizar este cable con otro software, y si alguien de ustedes me lo puede pasar se los agradeceria mucho, este es mi correo por si alguien me quiere ayudar con mi problema, gracias por su atension espero su ayuda......gracias
Posted: 08:17 28 Sep 06 #10
  • ekoahmad
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you can help me to send the driver for me
Posted: 06:55 02 Oct 06 #11
  • lenydimitri
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  • Join Date: 2 October 2006
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summel., mi nombre es lennin, desde santo domingo, si puedes por favior comprmes los driver del cable y me lo envias a mi correos por favor es que ami se me rompio mi cd de drivers del cable KQ-U8A MODEL: DCU-11 NO: WT048000317 mi correo es o puede ser a o por favor te ruego si puedes enviamelos que es que necesito bajar unas fotos demi bebe recien nacido y no quiero perderlas la foto, te lo agrdecere por siempre
Posted: 16:03 31 Oct 06 #12
  • lucnazario
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preciso do driver! Obrigado
Posted: 07:13 23 Nov 06 #13
  • pabartur
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  • Join Date: 23 November 2006
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Saludos, tal vez me puedes ayudar con el driver de este cable, ya que tengo el cable pero se me extravio el CD del driver, me lo puedes enviar a
muchas gracias
Posted: 15:47 27 Nov 06 #14
  • Raklm
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  • Occupation: pc bussines
Use this driver and will solve the problem

Posted: 22:05 14 Jun 07 #15
  • Dav3
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Not sure who is still looking for this, but seeing as when Googling for help it comes up a lot, I thought I would try and help all those people still struggling...

Basically, if you have a cheap knock off DCU-11 cable, and it has a serial number WT048000317, chances are you may have seen the Code 10 error in device manager. I fixed this by installing a driver from Driver Guide, because it seems to me that this cable isn''t really a DCU-11 but a rebranded substitute. If when you plug in the cable initially it comes up with "USB UART Controller" then you may want to try it as well.

The driver I used can be found here:

It works 100% for me when I use floAt''''s Mobile Agent. I haven''''t tried the SE PC Suite, as that''''s rubbish anyway...

Hope this helps someone.

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