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QX5 working only once

Posted: 22:03 01 Aug 05 #1
  • Sandspider
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Please help somebody!!!
I installed the QX5 microscope on the day I got it. It worked
fantastic. The next day it would not start any more with an
message box showing error 109 (software components missing).
Many times I uninstalled the software and removed all traces
of the QX5. After the new installaion, same message again.
In the Cantrol Panel - System - Hardware - Devices the QX5
is listed and working. Once I plug the QX5 in the computer
recognices the device.
Please, has somebody the same problem and was able to fix it?
Posted: 17:20 22 Dec 05 #2
  • pychosk8er420
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  • pychosk8er420
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If you are using Windows 98 follow the steps below. If you are using a different Windows, go to Windows Update and get the latest DirectX and media players (RealPlayer, Windows Media, & Quicktime).

Execute the following steps:

Go to the Start Menu.
Select Settings, then Control Panel.
Click on Add/Remove Programs, click on Windows Setup Tab.
Scroll down and Select Multimedia Category.
Confirm the Multimedia component is checked and highlighted, then under the description section click details.
Scroll through the list of multimedia components and make sure the Video Compressions component is checked.
Click OK.
Click OK again to start the Windows Setup. Follow the prompts when asked for the Windows CD.
Posted: 01:23 12 Jul 06 #3
  • dhetzel
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did you ever find a fix for this? I encountered a very similar problem on my windows 2000 system where the qx5 worked exactly once and now just appears as an "unknown usb device" no matter how many times i uninstall everything, reboot, power cycle, whatever... The software just claims the microscope isn't plugged in. If I use device manager to try and add the correct driver, it claims the driver provided on the qx5 cd doesn't match the device :(
Posted: 09:23 09 Feb 07 #4
That solution is absurd, as is this product.
Please suggest any improvements or report problems / abuse to