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installing D-Link DWL G710

Posted: 13:46 06 Sep 05 #1
  • Gavin592
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  • Join Date: 5 September 2005
  • Occupation: retired
I am running XP home with a netgear WG311 pci wireless card and a netgear MP101 wireless gigital music player. These connect perfectly when tested but with the PC upstairs and the MP101 downstairs the signal is not strong enough. I got a DWL G710 to extend the signal etc but I just cannot seem to get it installed. I cannot get the pop up window after requesting on the IE browser. I have enable the onboard LAN and installed drivers and the LED lights up OK. The wireless card has been configured both with the netgear and XP configuration but this has made no difference. As far as I am aware I have changed under properties etc every IP address to or 192.168.0.x where possible but to no avail. Half the time it appears that the LAN connection is acquiring an adress but it never gets any further. I've tried creating a 'bridge' via the setting up a network connection but I don't think this was the answer.My PC is a stand alone connecting to the internet via a usb adsl modem. The only network I need is the media player (really old music - 60's/70's). Can anyone help me please.

Gavin Hay
Posted: 21:53 26 Sep 05 #2
  • JohnDHill
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Hi Gavin, not sure if you have had a response yet, but have you set up your wireless card to act in DHCP mode? I think the G710 would need this before it can obtain an IP address from your PC?
Posted: 21:01 05 Jan 06 #3
  • byeager
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  • Join Date: 5 January 2006
I just got off the phone with D-Link techsupport, very frustrated with a similar problem. The solution was simple, inorder to configure this device you must configure your computer's IP address to a static address of the form 192.168.0.XX, techsupport told me to use .99 but I think you can use whatever. Then you have to connect the device directly to your computer with the cable provided, which is a straight through ethernet cable. After that you should be able to type the address into your browser and open up the setup tool for the D-Link DWL G710.
Posted: 04:22 06 Jan 08 #4
  • Zaggar
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  • Join Date: 6 January 2008
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I had the same problem as yours. However, after configuring my D-Link DWL 710 the way you did, I got full signal strength but could not connect to the internet. No single URL would open for me using my Firefox web browser or Internet explorer 7. Any idea how to sort this out? Please note that the router or access point is not mine. I am connecting to a wireless network in my neighborhood using my laptop's Intel wireless card.
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