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Samsung D500.... What is this message 'NEW CB (200)' ???

Posted: 14:29 18 Sep 05 #1
  • xxlouisexxx
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Hi All,

Need a little help.... i have just bought a Samsung D500 and i have been messing with setting etc.

On my desplay screen i have a message that reads ' NEW CB (200) '

And on the right hand soft key it says 'CB' when i click the CB it comes up with all the local area codes.

Does anyone know what this means and how i go about removing it. It's driving me nutts!!!

Thanx in advance, and sorry for being so dumb

Louise x
Posted: 09:10 28 Dec 05 #2
  • sefmars
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theat is the cell brodcast sistem et gives you info about the curet cell theat the phone is using my operator sends me compas info throught theat theat tels me on witch street i am /you should fiind an option in messages ->broadcast messages ->receive ->off
Posted: 09:15 28 Dec 05 #3
  • sefmars
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  • Join Date: 28 December 2005
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for furthe assistance you can go to contact us/it's my site i will post on theat site replies for most questiones when i will fiind them good luck
Posted: 09:14 31 Jul 06 #4
Thanks for that info I had the same problem and it was driving me mad also. Brilliant

Posted: 14:27 07 Aug 06 #5
hi, i had this same problem but then found out its quite helpful, i found a code for the weather report, do you know any more codes or any places where i can get them from? from ross
Posted: 22:40 08 May 07 #6
yay thank you, thats been drivin me crackers for weeks. found this site by accident but glad i did. thanks all xxxx
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