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Trying to connect TomTom bluetooth headset to GoldWing Motocycle -Need Auxillary power to bluetooth headset while using the headset

Posted: 17:29 03 Jan 06 #1
  • teelmi2000
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I was planning to connect the TomTom Bluetooth head set (that was included with the TomTom Rider) to the CellSet Model MC/BT (See attached Web Site), so I can connect the GPS sound to my GoldWing Motocycle intercom system
using this device. With this device I can put the blue tooth TomTom head set unit in my motorcycle glove box like I do with my Bluetooth cell phone. I would like to be able to keep the cigarette charger pluged into my bluetooth headset so I don't have to stop after several hours to recharge the headset or have to buy a second one. I don't need more hardware to carry around. I have enough wires to manage already, as you can imagine. When the blooth headset is plug into the charger it appears not to work. Is this in fact the case and if so, are there plans to allow it to charge at the same time the device is being used? Waiting on reply from TomTom support. I keep you posted.

About this adapter: (Webstie for detailed information)

This CellSet was designed to connect a Motorola HF 820 Bluetooth adapter to any motorcycle with an intercom system.

It allows both the rider and passenger to talk on the phone as though they were speaking to a third person connected to the intercom.

Its design is modular, allowing it to connect to a variety of intercom systems (choose the appropriate Intercom Harness).

Installation is easy: Just plug it into the intercom, mount it under the bike's faring, and plug it into the headset jack on your Bluetooth adapter.
Posted: 14:29 03 Aug 06 #2
  • wrighth1
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Hi there

I managed to pair the TomTom Rider with the BMW Bluetooth System V helmet today - absolutely suberb! This technology stuff is amazing. Howard
Posted: 01:03 19 Mar 07 #3
  • teelmi2000
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  • Join Date: 3 January 2006
  • Occupation: Sales

Glad it worked for you. I had problems with the Tom Tom motocycle mount that came with the Tom Tom GPS. I hit a bump on the road and the darn thing came flying into my lap. Good thing I had it tethered. After I complained to Tom Tom they send me the same mount with the same problem. The bracket are just not hard fast tested or reliable for holding the Tom Tom on the bike. I didn''t want to further endanager my life So I then bought a Garmin 2820 and it been much better as far as interfacing with my GoldWing intercom system and the mount from RAM is hundred times more reliable.. Tom Tom has a great GPS but the mount and Blue Tooth compatility with standard phones like the Razor (V3) have a lot to be desired. It needs some more work before it ready for prime time. I hope they don't get in a Law Suit over their bracket when somebody hits a small bump in the road and tries to catch their GPS as they crash and burn. You would think they would be more consurned about their bracket then worring about someone programing their next stop while they are driving, because you can''t do that.
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