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Annoying Nokia startup tone

Posted: 07:07 18 Jan 06 #1
  • newy1234
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  • Join Date: 18 January 2006
  • Occupation: technician

Can anyone tell me how to turnoff (or at least down to an acceptable volume level) the Nokia gingle, that plays with the first nokia screen when you power the phone on?

Also, how do we turn down the volume on the SMS alert tone?

The only volume adjustment I can find is for thr ring tone!!!

Posted: 02:40 16 Apr 06 #2
  • daskarzine
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  • Location: Australia
Anyone know how to turn the Nokia startup tone off when the phone starts?
Posted: 15:00 16 Apr 06 #3
  • Zebedee
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  • Zebedee
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With most phones, if you set it to silent before turning off then it will remain silent when you turn it on again. As it is so rare that phones are switched on and off, this very minor step should not prove an irritation.

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Posted: 08:39 18 Apr 06 #4
  • daskarzine
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  • Join Date: 29 April 2004
  • Location: Australia
Still, if there were a way to do, would be good to know.
Posted: 06:33 19 Apr 06 #5
  • newy1234
  • 2 Posts
  • Join Date: 18 January 2006
  • Occupation: technician
I turn my phone off and on everyday, so the startup tone is very annoying! I have had my N70 for a few months now, and am finding some simple features that have been around for years, seem to be missing from this phone!!! I see a few posts on the startup tone issue, looks like we are stuck with this S__T!

No one seems to be broaching the subject of the SMS alert tone volume, every other phone I have owned for the last 10years had the ability to adjust the SMS alert tone volume separately, Ericsson and Nokia, WHATS GOING ON!
Posted: 22:28 22 Apr 06 #6
  • goatboy
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  • goatboy
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Am I the only person that can read Zebedee's post?

How long does it take to set a Nokia to silent?

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Posted: 11:54 16 Jun 06 #7
  • ashantal
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Go to Menu/Tools/Profiles
Inside profiles (when you edit each one of them) there is option called Warning tones (ON/OFF).
If it is OFF on startup you will only see nokia picture..with no tone...

Just be careful to set it in the profile that you have actually activated (that you are using)
Posted: 02:06 24 Jun 06 #8
  • woodsey891
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download a program called FExplorer
then when it is installed, goto
Z:\System\Sounds\Digital then you will see the file startup.mid
this is the tune that it played when the phone starts,
i would recommend that you backup the file before you do anything to it
You could try deleting the file, dont know the result mind
But i would suggest that you just replace it with another midi renamed as startup.mid

I dont know if this will help and i havent tried it myself (yet)
but i dont see any problems..

Posted: 05:28 02 Jul 06 #9
  • liviou
  • 12 Posts
  • Join Date: 2 July 2006
Turning it to silent before switching off, fine but your alarm is then useless (a silent alarm won't wake up most of us isn't it).

As for modifying Z: Woodzey you should try, but I dont think you can modify anything on the ROM (Z). Or maybe trying to ducplicate this folder and file on C: ?
Posted: 10:57 03 Jul 06 #10
I usually turn my N70 to silent mode before switching off, and the alarm sound always stays the same.
Posted: 23:05 03 Jul 06 #11
  • amcluesent
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>but i dont see any problems..<

Files on Z:\ can't be renamed or deleted AFAIK :-(

I did try creating C:\System\sounds\digital\Startup.mid to see if that would be read in preference to the Z: file, but no...
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