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ht820 paired with toshiba qosmio g20-139

Posted: 01:45 05 Mar 06 #1
  • mfcurtis
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When trying to pair my ht820 with my laptop, the following message appears: "you cannot connect to a device that is not copyright protected by SCMS-T method".

Can anyone help me solve this problem?


Posted: 00:30 24 Mar 06 #2
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Posted: 07:31 28 Mar 06 #3
  • jineshjose
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The latest Toshiba stack has mandated the SCMS-T content protection method. It will not stream audio to any headset which does not support this content protection method. From the error message it is very clear that your headset does not support the SCMS-T content protection. So you cannot use this headset with latest Toshiba stack. So you can use older Toshiba stack with your headset.

Jinesh Jose
Posted: 02:28 17 Mar 07 #4
I''m not sure what you want to use the headset for, but I had this same problem. I was wanting to use the headset as a mic/headset for gaming. Was easy to fix. Toshiba Qosmio laptop.

Enable BT
Start Wizard for new connection
Use "Custom Mode"
Find Device
Once found, it list the device twice
one for music, one for headset.
Choose headset. Voilla Your done.

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