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Volume control for Nokia 3220

Posted: 07:06 19 Apr 06 #1
  • Caromatt
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  • Join Date: 19 April 2006
I have just purchased a Nokia 3220. When I receive or make calls I can hardly hear the person on the other end. Any ideas? There is no mention of volume control in the handbook.
Posted: 03:52 30 Apr 06 #2
  • chindley
  • 7 Posts
  • chindley
  • Join Date: 30 April 2006
  • Location: North Wales
I dont think there's a volume control, but then again I haven't looked to be honest.

There is a Loudspeaker/Speakerphone option when you are making a call, but I suggest you don't have your ear right next to the phone when you activate it!!

Actually there is an "Automatic volume control" setting in the Call Settings section. Maybe that is your best option?
Posted: 00:14 04 Jun 06 #3
  • zeldazog
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  • Join Date: 4 June 2006
There is a volume control - when in the call, press the navi-key to the right (to turn the volume up, or left to turn it down)

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