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CK-&W installation in a VW Passat

Posted: 13:27 17 May 06 #1
  • Cookie_Monster
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Hi...Cookie here

Long time reader...first time poster

Can any one advise me the best way to install a CK-7W car kit in a VW passat (01).

Currently there is a CARK-91 (used with a Nokia 6310i and Nokia 3200 (with pop port adaptor) installed but as you know it doesnt support bluetooth.

The new car kit is to be used with a Motorola V3X which I am advised will be supported.

Are there are bits I can use from the current car kit with the new one? I.e. the cradle/mic/aeriel.

Also will I be able to have either of the nokias and motorola connected at the same time? one via bluetooth and the other via the cradle?

any assistance will be appreciated.


Posted: 11:46 16 Jan 07 #2
Hi Cookie,

Hoping you can help and refer me to someone who was able to answer your question.

I recently pruchased a 2006 VW Passat with CD stacker from a dealer in Melbourne, Aust. I asked for a CK-7W to be fitted which was fine, but they were unable to get it to play thru the car''s speakers and had to install the tinny speaker under the dash.

In my wife''s Mk V Golf there was no issue and the CK-7W works well thru the spkrs, but it also has a different (no-stacker) head unit. According to the dealer, the Passat has a completely different wiring setup to the Golf and it''s not possible, although I am sure that VW''s own carkit (which is 5 times the price and probably OEM''s by Nokia) will use the car''s audio system to route the sound.

Because so few Passats have been sold so far in Oz, no other dealers or car kit installers seem to have an answer. Any help would be great.



Posted: 20:35 17 Jan 07 #3
  • andystevo999
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Hi Cookie
If there is a cark 91 installed you should be able to use mic, Speaker and antenna and power source should be ok with slight modification. You will need to install bluetooth button and junction box. But I will warn you that although the motorola will pair up and work the other end user will get an echo which they will find annoying and will want to end the call. you would be better off getting a motorola bluetooth kit and starting again.
Posted: 16:59 02 Feb 07 #4
  • justcarkits
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  • justcarkits
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The 05> Passat uses the same lead set as the Golf MK5, so not sure why they think there''s a problem.
We use the same lead set on Passats and MK5 Golfs and it is perfectly possible to have the audio through the front speakers.
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Posted: 18:11 06 Jun 07 #5
  • auscarkits
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Have You Sorted Your Car Kit Install In The Vw?
I Can Help You.
Posted: 21:34 12 Jan 08 #6
  • bupaboz
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I am searching for instructions on how to install a CK-7W Nokia car kit in either a VW Passat (05-) or a VW Jetta (06-).  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks, Bupaboz

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