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Won't power up

Posted: 14:33 13 Jun 06 #1
Our fairly new W5 suddenly will not turn on. Recharged batteries, changed to verified "good" batteries to no avail. Difficulty began very abruptly with no incident (dropping, getting wet, etc.)between working and not. Prior to this it was working fine.

Any suggestions?
Posted: 15:32 19 Jul 06 #2
  • miacid
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  • Join Date: 19 July 2006
I have the exact same problem, has anyone got a fix for it, please?

All I can add is the green light on top comes one for about a second, then the red light in the bottom right hand corner (looking at the screen) flashing on then off.

Any help or suggestions are very welcome 8~}

Posted: 04:45 28 Jul 06 #3
  • ltkerr0r
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  • Join Date: 28 July 2006
I have the same problem. It works fine however in the pic preview mode. It shuts down in every other mode though. It may have something to do with the lens/shutter since its not working in all those modes
Posted: 16:11 10 May 07 #4
I, too, have the same problem. My Sony DSC-W5 CyberShot will not power up and I most certainly have not abused it. I spent alot on that camera as a bundle. It is really frustrating and I am angry to find out that ebay sellers are selling at least, three of this model with no power. Four other auctions are selling their cameras fo the same model with damged LCD''s. Product reliability and longevity do not exist with Sony. They don''teven back up their product. They insult you with an
automatic$181 service repair regardless how small the cost of a part is. They get out of the recall scheme because recalls only apply as a danger or hazard to the consumer. Legally, they get out of that one.

I could not power up my Sony, so, I recharged the batteries and put them back in and no power. Then, I took the batteries back out and pressed down on the power button for fifteen seconds. I put the batteries back in and . . . no power. Next, I took the memory stick out, and tried to power it up. Yes, I had no power. You guessed. I am powerless!!! So, for an expensive battery purchase I put in brand new batteries fully charged of course, and, yes, you guessed it again! NO POWER. I am at my wit''s end!!!

What can I do to get my camera back in operation? Can anyone out there help me?
Posted: 19:48 10 Sep 07 #5
  • Garethsi
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  • Join Date: 10 September 2007

My dsc w5 did exactly the same thing - was working fine and then out of the blue will not power up

To say the least I am p**sed off !  I am waiting to hear from sony & am not prepared to pay the £114 fix charge

If anyone has a fix great. I doubt that I will buy sony again  



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