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Can't access certain websites

Posted: 12:13 03 Aug 06 #1
  • Bill Kay
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  • Join Date: 3 August 2006
We recently purchased the 802.11g router for use at work. We can access the internet via BT Broadband, but when trying to connect to certain websites (Microsoft, BT homepage etc) it doesn't connect. We've tried with both Internet explorer and firefox, but with no success. Any suggestions to what might be the problem?
Posted: 23:25 22 Aug 06 #2
I am having the same issue. I can't access websites from my Mac or my Dell. I have 'restore factory defaults' to get the router to let me see the sites again. But after a while they mysteriously get blocked. I have had the ADSL Moden with Wireless G Router for about a uear and it's only started diong this since I upgraded to latest Mac OS. But that doesn't explain the Dell . . . Or does it? HELP!

Posted: 11:51 20 Sep 06 #3
  • hickeypa
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  • Join Date: 20 September 2006
Hi, I had the same problem with my F5D9630 (couldn't get into Microsoft sites, in particular). I noticed that the box had defaulted to PPoE when I set it up, so I changed this to PPoA and rebooted, and presto I can now see the Microsoft sites.
Posted: 10:42 11 Oct 06 #4
Might be the Belkin blacklist?? See here for how to turn it off...

First TELNET to the router.
Login as user admin.
Password is same as web login.

command to disable the blacklist is:

firewall set IDS blacklist disable
Posted: 22:21 31 Oct 06 #5
  • comicaltone
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  • Join Date: 31 October 2006
  • Occupation: roofer
Please can you explain the TELNET thing. I purchased a Belkin adsl wirelesss modem/router and am having problems with msn messenger and microsoft site also. what do you mean by "telnet the router"?

Thank you very much
Posted: 16:14 02 Nov 06 #6
I am also having problems accessing the ms site, can you explain how to telnet the router?


... found this...
Posted: 22:55 06 Feb 07 #7
  • uk_nick
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  • Join Date: 6 February 2007
  • Occupation: Programmer
I had the same problem and set myself up a little vbScript to sort it out

copy the text from my page

which says

Set wshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Dim cmdline
cmdline = "telnet"
wshShell.Run (cmdline)
WScript.sleep 1000
cmdline ="admin"+chr(13)
WScript.sleep 1000
cmdline ="*******"+chr(13)
WScript.sleep 1000
cmdline ="firewall set IDS blacklist disable"+chr(13)

save this as a .vbs file

replace *** with your password for router ( if needed )

you may need to let norton security to authorise script

Posted: 06:55 11 Feb 07 #8
  • russsell
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  • Join Date: 11 February 2007
  • Occupation: student
Yes my parents well my dad recently bought me the Belkin N1 there new one and the notbook card and it does that to me on myspace all the time like every 5 minutes and I called them up and they guy gave me some bulls**t about it being blocked I told him I set up the router when we brought it home and changed the admin password to the and he claimed still that it was blocked they didn''t help at all.
Posted: 08:47 11 Feb 07 #9

I fixed my problem by downloading DrTCP, selecting my internet connection at the bottom of the program, and setting the MTU to 1400

Hope this helps
Posted: 18:13 23 Feb 07 #10
Hi, uk_nick,

I ran the first part of the script you prepared (telnet from the command prompt and I get the following response:

"Connecting to not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed"

Can you please advise on how to overcome this problem at your earliest convenience.

Thanks in advance.
Posted: 20:10 23 Feb 07 #11
  • uk_nick
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  • Join Date: 6 February 2007
  • Occupation: Programmer
The IP address I used was correct for my router - yours may be different
if you open a dos prompt screen and type ping , if you get connection time out that probably means you have a different IP address for your router , the details of the correct IP should be in your manual somewhere

Best of luck
Posted: 18:11 25 Feb 07 #12
Hi uk_nick,

Thanks for responding so quickly to my problem, it's much appreciated.

The IP address I am using is correct for my router (Belkin F5D7633-4) as pinging it as per your instructions confirmed this.

I''d appreciate if you have any further suggestions to get around my problem.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance in this matter.

Best regards,

Posted: 20:10 25 Feb 07 #13
Hi, all,

Managed to get the problem resolved with a little help from Belkin Technical Support. The problem is cured as follows:

1) In the "Internet Explorer" address bar, type "" (Make sure your computer is first hard wired to the router).
2) Click on "Connection Type".
3) Select "PPPoA" and click on "Next".
4) Change the MTU value to "1400", Check "Dial on Demand" and change the Idle Time (Minute) to "999" and click "Next" and then "Save/Reboot".
5) Then download the program "DrTCP021.exe" from the website "".
6) Run this downloaded program and under "Adapter Settings" select your particular Ethernet Adapter and enter a MTU for it of 1400, then press "Save".
7) Reboot the computer to ensure the process is completed.

Note: Belkin disagree with the notion that there is a blacklist contained within the router.

I hope this explanation helps.

Best regards,

Posted: 22:29 06 Mar 07 #14
  • niceantidy
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  • Join Date: 6 March 2007
  • Occupation: sales
I bought a belkin wireless modem router just after Christmas and had nothing but problems with it,
After countless hours of phone calls to their extremely bad help line with horrid hold music, I was ready to throw it against the wall...
I finally got through to a really nice guy from tech services (my ISP not belkin) who managed to sort the problem
Then I discovered I couldn''t access certain websites...
The poor belkin was nearly thrown against the wall once again!!!
I came across this forum and you good advice sorted everything!!!

Just wanted to say thanks for saving me from hunting down the CEO of belkin and killing him!!!

Posted: 12:14 19 Mar 07 #15
  • Tony smiff
  • 1 Post
  • Join Date: 19 March 2007
  • Occupation: plumber
Had to join the forum just to say thanks guys for all your help . I was pulling my hair out with this one was about to feed my belkin to my monster koi lol.. (They would have tried to eat it aswell) . Davids solution worked a treat once again cheers ... Tony
Posted: 20:30 01 Apr 07 #16
  • twiddle
  • 3 Posts
  • Join Date: 1 April 2007
Hello to all fellow BELKIN F5D7633-4 sufferers
Just wanted to say a big thanks to David_Breslin for his info which, bought to an end the murderous feelings which the “Belkin adsl modem with high-speed mode wireless - G router had evoked in me over the last 5 days. Thanks

Just a quick note – tried the PPPoA selection but found that I then couldn’t access the net at all, so reverted to the PPPoE (first check box in the connection type window) and hey presto – alls well in the land of my study………
Question – anyone tried this fix with VISTA?
I bought the router because I have a new dell (with Vista) laptop tried the same fix but to no avail!! Anyway thanks again David.. Regards Twiddle - hope you get to see this!!
Posted: 13:41 24 Apr 07 #17
  • SionWyn
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  • Join Date: 24 April 2007
  • Occupation: IT Security Manager
Just bought a HP Pavilion dv6214ea with belkin wireless g plus mimo. Had windows update issue and tweaked only one setting - the Belkin MTU to 1492 and this works. Good luck to everyone else....this is a nuisance issue
Posted: 19:35 27 May 07 #18
  • jamesduder
  • 1 Post
  • Join Date: 27 May 2007
  • Occupation: account manager
David, Just wanted to say huge thanks, for your help on sorting out my Belkin router, I just joined the blog to say thanks as you have resolved months of internet misery and painstaking trial and error..

Thanks again mate!

Posted: 06:15 28 Jun 10 #19
  • Kevin922
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  • Join Date: 28 June 2010
I tried that but my connection is Dynamic so whenever I try to connect to PPPoA, the router doesn't connect to the modem, what should I do?
Posted: 11:33 28 Jun 10 #20
  • kandy
  • 1 Post
  • Join Date: 28 June 2010
I have used it before,it is very easy to use and it give me a lot of help,thank you

very much!
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