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GPS BT338 Bluetooth connection problems

Posted: 04:52 17 Aug 06 #1
  • Tigerfellow
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Greetings everyone

I have an i-mate jam with the following:

Model No: PM10A
ROM version: 1.12.00 WWE
OS: Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Version 4.21.1088 (Build 15045.2.6.0)

I am trying to connect it to a GlobalSat BT 338 receiver using Bluetooth

When searching for a device it correctly identifies the BT 338.
But when I try and set a com port it only gives me com0 as an option and nothing else in the pull down window.

Any ideas?

Posted: 18:14 12 Sep 06 #2
i am haveing the same problem with the bt gps reciver any one help
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