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3 MMS Settings

Posted: 15:25 30 Aug 06 #1
  • steowen
  • 6 Posts
  • Join Date: 19 August 2004
I have my TyTN working OK on three UK. GPRS / Internet is fine everything seems OK.

I cannot however get MMS to work.

Can anyone assist with the correct settings for MMS messaging for 3 network on TyTN.

Posted: 09:23 31 Aug 06 #2
  • steowen
  • 6 Posts
  • Join Date: 19 August 2004

Managed to get MMS working in the end......the settings I used are as follows

First Created New Connection called 3 (Set this as default connection for internet etc.) I just use this one connection, all my email accounts, Laptop wireless modem etc. can connect through this.
Modem - Cellular Line (GPRS , 3G)
Username - leave blank
password - leave blank
Domain - leave blank

No need to do advanced settings. Click finish.

IN MESSAGING.....Menu > Tools > Options Click *MMS

Select servers tab.....Create new server called 3 MMS
Gateway -
Port - 8799
Server address -
connect via - My ISP
Size Limit - 200K
Wap version - 2.0

These settings work OK for both sending and receiving MMS

Hope you find this usefull.....


Posted: 11:47 31 Aug 06 #3
  • kalhotspur
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  • Join Date: 31 August 2006
  • Occupation: sales
Hi all this is my first post,just bought the TyTN.
Can any one give me settings for 3 internet settings
Posted: 12:14 19 Oct 06 #4
  • bigboat0
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  • Join Date: 9 October 2006
Hi, Does anyone have the Vodaphone settings to get the MMS working?
Posted: 06:52 07 Nov 06 #5
  • honywood
  • 2 Posts
  • Join Date: 7 November 2006

Just bought bought the TyTN on vodafone but 3g is very patchy here. Put by 3 sim in and works fine and have managed to setup intenet access with your help - works great BUT my push email is not. This 3 OfficeMail which is the same as offered by Seven. I know how to configure OfficeMail and setup but I think I may need to setup elsewhere.

Is it possible that a port needs opening up? Or would there be different setting to set up. I notice that in the E61 (where it is working great) there is initAccess with Databearer of initAcess,

Authentication of secure. also homepage it has

Put this in also but still does not work for push email.

Many thanks for your help, Rupert
Posted: 14:29 07 Nov 06 #6
  • Jimi71
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  • Join Date: 7 November 2006
  • Occupation: Credit Manager
Hi Steve, I also have a TY TN my 3 sim card works ok for phone calls, but I cannot set it up to connect to the internet, do you or anyone else know the settings and procedure required. As for MMS have not got that far yet.

Cheers Jimi
Posted: 19:25 07 Nov 06 #7
  • honywood
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  • Join Date: 7 November 2006
Hi Jim

Steve''s advice on setting up for 3 works great. You should be fine if you follow his advice.

Kind regards, Rupert
Posted: 11:49 01 Dec 06 #8
  • PC Bytes
  • 13 Posts
  • Join Date: 1 December 2006

How do I set the gprs connection as my default setting for the internet? Can I tell my email client to use this connection to send/receive email?

Finally can I overide these settings when i''m at home to use the wifi?

Many Thanks

Posted: 14:46 01 Dec 06 #9
  • PC Bytes
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  • Join Date: 1 December 2006
Further to my last message I have since read my terms and conditions from Three. Not only does it say I can only use the simcard in Three Locked phones, but that using it in a phone that is not provided by Three may damage that phone so it can''t be repaired.

Does anybody have any experience of this?
Posted: 23:09 08 Feb 07 #10
  • mrceilings
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  • Join Date: 8 February 2007
  • Occupation: construction
hi ive just got the htc p3600, ive got everything working fine except the mms. ive put your settings in and still no joy. any ideas?????
Posted: 13:04 30 Dec 07 #11
  • Fudskie
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  • Join Date: 30 December 2007

 HTC TyTN 2 and XDA Stellar etc.


homepage  ( lg bit is phone model etc ) I have set my homepage to

Three Internet Settings:

Go to the Connection Settings page and create new connection (Start, Settings, Connections, Connections) Then add a new modem connection

Name for the connection: 3

Select a modem: Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G)
Access Point name:

User name, password & Domain etc leave blank.

Server Name: 3 MMS
Port Number: 8799
Server Address:

Connect Via: The Internet

Send Limit: 300k

Wap Version: WAP 2.0 


When done send yourself a piccy to test. Mine works fine with the above on 3

Posted: 20:37 08 Jan 08 #12
  • Chrisjenx
  • 4 Posts
  • Join Date: 23 September 2007

CHECK your regional settings as dumb as this sounds, i found when i set my phone up it defaulted to austraila english so it was trying to connect to the other side of the world lol. And as soon as i popped it to english (Great britan) it worked flawlessly, quite upsetting really lol.

Hope this helps?

Posted: 16:02 28 Sep 11 #13

Hi, I followed the above instructions, but still no luck getting my dext to work with three's (hutchison) 3g network.  My phone seems to have more fields than are covered in the guides.  Does anyone know what I should be typing into all the following?  I've bracketed the things I think are right.


 [ ]





Authentication protocol



[ ]

MMS proxy


MMS port



APN type

Please suggest any improvements or report problems / abuse to