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calls rejected

Posted: 23:05 24 Sep 06 #1
  • davola
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  • Join Date: 24 September 2006
  • Occupation: cnc programmer
had my d900 about a week and all seemed fine , woke up this morning and found that people were not able to ring me , i tried ringing out from my phone and it just said call rejected , i tried another sim card and the same happened , tried my sim in another phone and worked fine so no network problems . Everytime i call , even tho it shows full signal , the phone just says 'call rejected' please please help .
Posted: 08:07 25 Sep 06 #2
Have you got call barring enabled on your phone? Also check that your network provider hasn't blocked the IMEI number of your phone - I take it it's not a purchase from ebay...?

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Posted: 12:45 25 Sep 06 #3
It says "Conditional forwarding" when you place a call, that just means that incoming calls will go to your voicemail.

If you get a "rejected" message when people call you then you may have added them to your Reject List (Press Green/Dial then Options, then Reject List)

If you get "rejected" when you call other people then it's probably a service limitation - check coverage and restart the phone are about all you can do. Presumably you've paid your bill? Could you make a call from the other handset with that SIM in it?

The only other thing I can think of is that the handset has been reported as stolen - happening to a few people who buy off eBay I hear.
Posted: 23:14 30 Dec 06 #4
  • fnatic
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  • Join Date: 30 December 2006
ye i hav the same problem i can recieve txts but when ever i try to call any 1 or any 1 rings me it says rejected ? whats wrong?
Posted: 00:45 01 Jan 07 #5
  • domcole_uk
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  • Join Date: 27 May 2006
  • Occupation: Student
I kinda have the same problem with texts...outgoing and incoming calls are fine but when I try and send a text it says its failed.

Any help?
Posted: 17:18 30 Jan 07 #6
  • DonSleightholme
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  • Join Date: 24 August 2006
  • Occupation: vinyl record promoter
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Posted: 12:46 03 Feb 07 #7
hi, i had the same problem, i brought my samsung D900 for carphone warehouse, i took it back there, they repaired it, but the same thing happened again, so i took it back again, but this time they sent it back to samsung i got it back last night, i had 1 slight problem at the start, it kept saying ''you have dialled a incorrect number'' when anybody tried to call me, i turned the phone off and back on , it seemed to solve the problem, but if it happens again i am demanding a different phone.



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