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Can't access micro-SD memory card from Samsung PC Studio 3

Posted: 03:17 01 Oct 06 #1
  • Wfeg
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Although I can view my micro-SD memory card from my phone (Samsung D600), I can't see the micro-SD memory card (64Mb) from Samsung PC Studio 3. Why can't I see the micro-SD memory card from Samsung PC Studio 3?

Because I can't find the micro-SD memory card in Samsung PC Studio 3, if I want to transfer an mp3 file or image file from PC to micro-SD memory card, I first have to transfer it to my phone, then select each file transferred, and move it to the micro-SD memory card. This seems a very slow way of achieving transferring files from PC to micro-SD memory card. Is there a better way? Are these 2 problems recognized by Samsung Fun Club to be altered in the next release of Samsung PC Studio? I hope so.

Of course, I could purchase a card reader and transfer the files directly to the micro-SD memory card, but I have not done this yet. Maybe this is the recommended course of action?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Note added 02-Oct-06

My USB Settings say Modem, Mass Storage & PictBridge. The default setting is USB Settings=Modem. But I don't understand this because, although I can't see the memory card from within Samsung PC Studio 3, I can see the phone contents, and I can see all files, phone and memory card, if I insert the micro-SD card in the adapter, then put it in a card reader (I have now purchased a card reader), and connect the card reader to the PC vias USB. If, on the other hand, I select USB Settings=Mass Storage, then Samsung PC Studio 3 can not even see my phone at all. Again, I can see all files, phone and memory card, if I insert the micro-SD card in the adapter, then put it in a card reader, and connect the card reader to the PC vias USB.

So these USB Settings have got me puzzled- what do they really mean? How do you use USB Settings=Mass Storage?

Posted: 22:10 30 Oct 06 #2
  • brado
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I have the same problem, only my file on the PC is double the size of the space on the phone.
My memory card is 1 Gb.
Do I understand that you can now transfer files from your PC with Samsung Studio 3, but have to do it via a separate card reader?
Posted: 19:02 01 Nov 06 #3
  • Delboy57
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  • Delboy57
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Hi guys the best way I find of transferring files MP3 or Vids is to use the MicroSD Card and the SD Adapter plugged into a memory card Reader/Writer. Plug this in to your PC USB 2 socket and transfer files by Copy and paste method. When finished put MicroSD back in phone and hey presto all is there. Or get yourself a Bluetooth Dongle and Bluetooth across your files or a MicroSD Pen drive. Hope this helps. Del
Posted: 09:23 19 Nov 06 #4
  • usman100
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To All:
There is NO need to buy a card reader.... Use this method to transfer files to/from your memory card directly:
1.connect USB data cable to PC.
2.Go to menu…..setting……phone settings……usb settings……mass storage and click "Save" you can see a NEW removeable drive in your “my computer”.
4.just copy/paste files between PC and memory card....
This is same process when you transfer files from one drive to another on your PC.... and samsung PC Studio 3.0 cannot access your memory card.... I have Samsung D600 and Samsung X700 .... And i can transfer files by above method to memory cards of both the phones from PC....

VERY IMPORTANT: After all works have been done, do not disconnect usb cable from D600, since it will corrupt/ damage your memory card. Use safely disconnect hardware option ( in system tray ). When drive is safely disconnected, then, you can remove usb cable from D600....
Or just convert usb settings to "modem"....and click "Save" ....
Posted: 20:53 22 Jul 07 #5
  • hi26
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hello USMAN...thank you very much m8 for helping....cheers...


Posted: 12:16 22 Oct 10 #6

Thanks to usman 100

old phone j700i, but got it via menu, settings, pc connections, mass storage NOT Samsung PC studio. Now all sdmicro card stuff downloaded.

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