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Belkin Model F5D9630-4

Posted: 15:02 08 Dec 06 #1
  • fpieterse
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New ADSL2+Modum Wireless G Plus MIMO Router would''nt connect to Microsoft''s Messsenger Live. Works well with all other Browser, E-Mail etc. Error code 80048820
Connects well with old Telkom ADSL USB Pots modum...but this one NO GO...Please HEEEEEEELP!
Posted: 10:32 30 Dec 06 #2
  • nobody_18
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  • Join Date: 30 December 2006
good morning,
i can''t create a new topic, this is why i''m posting here.
i have a problem with the Belkin Wireless G Router, i need to know my port 4662, 4711 TCP and port UPD 4672 i have to forward them, how can I do that?
another thing, sometimes my connection get disconnected for few seconds, how can i repeat it?

PS:i''m not a very good english speaker :P
Posted: 18:19 02 Jan 07 #3
I got the FSD9360-4 in Nov from PC-World (UK) after 6 weeks of problems i took it back and changed it, today is my first day on the ''new'' one. Note! at least half (approx 15) of these modem-routers in the shop were advertised as pre-owned where the owners had taken them back!!! PC-World said it was because the owners did not know how to set them up....yeah right.

Mine kept dropping the connection or even telling me there was no connection when there was. I tried many things to no avail but i did learn a few things (which may help). My ISP told me to set the MTU (max transmission units) to 1493 as some sites need the extra length to exchange certificates, until i did this i could not access MSN, microsoft or many others, MTU is under the WAN settings. I also got better results entering my ISP''s DNS address rather than automatic.

good luck
Posted: 11:42 29 Jan 07 #4
We bought the F5D9630uk4A from PC World last week, on the recommendation of the sales staff. The lad insisted there was a corresponding desktop internal network card that went with this range, but it seems not to be the case, unless anyone can correct me. All I see are the USB ones, which I don''t want.

The Belkin site seems to recommend the N1 desktop card for this range.

The router itself is working okay, but for the first week we had terrible problems, probably with BT, and the speeds dropped to around 218 kb. My ISP (Newnet) then told me my line "can only connect at 2MB" despite my own researches, and their selling me a 8MB package.

After various tweaks to the internal wiring, filters and MTU settings etc, the speed is back up to 6MB which proves the point. The MTU could have been set to 1500, according to my pings, but this router will not accept it, so it''s currently 1492, which works fine. I set all the computers to the same setting.

But my question really is: does anyone know which desktop PCI internal card is best for this router?

Posted: 23:45 10 May 07 #5
  • philpaul
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  • Occupation: sales manager
I have had the same experience at currys with buying a returned item, save £20.

Got it home and it would not make a connection to the net. Tried Belkin and others have said, very helpful, but just try the same thing over and over again.

I''ve got a bt 1250 working ok, but the Belkin will not accept my Tiscali password and username.

Ha sanyone got any info on the settings in the set up menu, as I tried Tiscali for that info and it doesn''t work!

Probably have to return it for one that will work, shame.

Hope somones got abetter experience than me.

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