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Update latest firmware

Posted: 16:00 20 Jan 07 #1
  • jacko30
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  • Join Date: 8 December 2004
  • Occupation: postman
It is now possible to update your 6233 with the latest firmware online in the UK, using a data cable. Current newest firmware is v 4.91, it seems very stable and I've had no problems at all since updating. You're advised to back up your files before you start the process, so I moved mine on to my memory card. After updating I was surprised to find nearly all my settings had been saved, even my calendar dates, the only changes I noticed were the menu display and the goto shortcuts. I also notice that the smileys have been corrected on it as they were wrong on my old firmware.
Posted: 15:16 28 Jan 07 #2

Nokia software updater insists that there IS no firmware available.

So far my, and others experience shows it is NOT possible to upgrade many 6233''s in the UK - or is it that the 6233''s we ar ebeing upgraded to [for free] by Orange are actually being dumped on us from elsewhere...
Posted: 19:32 28 Jan 07 #3
  • jacko30
  • 60 Posts
  • Join Date: 8 December 2004
  • Occupation: postman
Don't know if you're meaning when you enter your product code? Just ignore that, it told me there was no new update for mine but I did it anyway and it worked.
Posted: 12:18 29 Jan 07 #4
  • steved68
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i updated mine round at my mates house, no problem. he updated his and his wifes. all went fine. the firmware was 23mb file though . now on 4.91 for about 5 days now. not seen anything different or had any problems

Posted: 17:25 15 Feb 07 #5
  • Stevep99
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  • Join Date: 6 November 2005
where are you getting v4.91 frrom. When I try online at the Nokia website it says no updates available.
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