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Parrot CK3100 and Saab 93

Posted: 14:36 27 Feb 07 #1
  • dtns
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Hi, I am thinking of purchase the Parrot CK3100 for the Saab 93 M.06 with the "Phone Prewired wiring" I would like to know what i will need in order to user the existing wiring in the Saab 93 i.e existing Mic, and control buttons on the steering wheel.

Thanks in advanced
Posted: 11:26 20 Mar 07 #2
  • viritel
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you dont have to purchase some extra's,

you have to cut the iso connect of the power cables.
you can connect the red wire to the permanent power
the orange for the ignition power
and the black for ground.
and the mute can you find near the power, just try to find it with a cable and a fuse that you lay on the ground and otherside to the cable to see if the radio goes quiet.try an other cable then the power.

and on the other side of the block are 4 wires they are for the sound.try the green and brown cable first.there are 4 posibillities.
you should always use 2 next to eachother. left and right. they are usually wraped in a plastic. by head i thought possision 8 and 16 or 7 and 15

if the green and brown does work, try to use the middle to cables of the iso-connectors thats or red and orange or green and blue.

if you dont know what i''m meaning you can always mail me for questions

kind regards
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