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Cannot login through the web-based module

Posted: 14:19 25 Jan 04 #1
  • Tropek
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Divice worked and still works (intranet on wireless and internet access for both pc's)
although cannot manage to login to the Router; msg that appears is:

Protected Object
This object on the RomPager server is protected.
Return to last page


Still did not reset since afraid that the configuration - now working - will be reset as well and the access to login (the screen where you put the username and password) will not appear either.

Help ideas suggestions very much appreciated.

Posted: 16:45 25 Jan 04 #2
  • rperkin
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  • Location: UK
The firmware for the DSL-604+ contains an built-in web server which allows the product to be configured using a browser interface. This web server is built on the RomPager toolkit from Allegro Software Development Corporation.

It looks like the configuration data has resulted in calculating the address of a non-existent web page, so causing an error message.

Suggest you contact D-Link. Find the telephone contact details throughout Europe here.

I do not know what may have caused this. Have you recently upgraded the firmware and not reset the router?

Hope this helps
Posted: 19:23 25 Jan 04 #3
  • Tropek
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  • Join Date: 25 January 2004
Thanks -rperkin-,
have spoken on the 23rd with D-Link assistance and the reply was: THAT'S REALLY STRANGE - CONTACT YOUR DEALER ?!?
Besides they told me that PERHAPS it could be caused by typing a mistaken password more than 3 times and when asked if a reset would possibly solve all this fuss, well, NO GUARANTEES ?! TRY WITH YOUR DEALER.

Concerning Allegro and the RomPager, is there a way of "getting in" and bringing back the User / password popup screen? Is there a backdoor entrance?

No reset nor firmware upgrade was performed, I was abt to do that when I've discovered that I cannot get in! The firmware is still b3t13europe instead of the b13t25europe one, already downloaded.
Also went through the backup files generated by the firmware upgrade utility and there's nothing (to my mind) which can help to solve the problem.

Any nonconventional approach or ideas????

Posted: 22:16 25 Jan 04 #4
  • rperkin
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  • Location: UK
"backup files generated by the firmware upgrade utility"
Do you have a backup taken after you have configured the router?
If you have, then there should be no problem resetting the router - while this will clear the configuration, you can restore it from the backup.

"went through the backup files"
The file 'resolve' shows the IP address of the router on the line containing 'device add ethernet' and the subnet on the line 'subnet add ethernet.home'
During configuration you haven't changed these to some unusual value have you?

"Any nonconventional approach or ideas????"
No - only conventional ones :)
1. Is the router new? If so, contact your dealer and tell them the problem. Say you have contacted D-Link who have advised you to reset the router. Tell the dealer that you will try this, but that if this does not work, the router is faulty and they must replace it
If the router is not new but still under warranty, D-Link should replace it if it is faulty
2. Reset the router. This will clear the configuration details you have entered. You can either start again, or restore the backup that you have taken.
3. If resetting the router fails (you still cannot access the login screen) return it to your dealer or D-Link for a replacement.

Hope this helps
Posted: 00:09 26 Jan 04 #5
  • Tropek
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rperkin you're as great as equally patient, highly appreciate it.
it's quite late so the fighting with the dealer will start on Monday at abt 9.30 a.m.CET.
Router was bought 4th june 2003 so hope still have a chance for a replacement.

Backup is done and the specific file 'resolve' contains 'device add ethernet' 'ether //bridge mtu 1500'
and the 'subnet add ethernet.home' is: 'subnet add ethernet.home .' then hex ff:ff:ff:00 //
Is there anything unusual?

Will post the results tomorrow after reset and restore.

Posted: 00:24 26 Jan 04 #6
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Mmm. Strange as that error normally only appears when you enter an incorrect password. Are you sure you didn't change it and have forgotten the new one?
Posted: 00:38 26 Jan 04 #7
  • rperkin
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  • Join Date: 12 August 2003
  • Location: UK
"Is there anything unusual?"
No - looks like the default.

JHMEG says the error message you are seeing
"appears when you enter an incorrect password"
You can check the username and password you have set by checking the contents of the file 'inituser' in your backup files

EDIT: Just tested this. D-Link and JHMEG are right. The error message appears when you enter an incorrect password 3 times on the web login screen. See above for how to recover the username and password details, provided you have a current set of backup files from the Firmware Upgrade Utility.

Hope this helps
Posted: 20:51 26 Jan 04 #8
  • Tropek
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Think that I've done all the necessary:
- reset the router pressing the (hidden) reset button,
- restored the configuration files back using the Firmware Upgrade Utility, correct user /password inclusive,
- even applied the new firmware (on my own risk?);

results: the same 'lovely' message as at the very begining, no chance to get to the user / password popup screen.

Time to squeeze the dealer, although as I've seen there is a 5 year guarantee?! There's hope left.

Thanks for your help and guidance, rperkin + JHMEG.
Posted: 21:37 28 Jan 04 #9
  • nigel01uk
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I have a DSL604+ Problem. I cannot access web based control panel. User Name & Password not accepted, This has happened on two identical devices, home & Office. Has is been attacked from the outside world, and had the settings changed. I also notice that the home page in Internet Explorer Keeps setting itself to res://mshp.dll/index.html#10213, (Home & Work) is this a virus? Help!!
Posted: 22:32 28 Jan 04 #10
  • NormanB
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It is entirely possible, if you have not implemented the security features, that a neighbour has inadvertently locked you out of your machine and is now enjoying your broadband service!

Just carry out a reset. Then Immediately change from the defaults of admin/admin, then once you are content that all is well on LAN/WLAN and ADSL implement WEP and MAC permissions. Loadsa advice about this on this forum.

Your home page may have been hijacked by malaware, you really need to run some of the free software to erradicate this Adaware, Spybot Search & Destroy etc - there are many others. I would recommend as a first step joining this forum and doing a search on 'Hi-Jack This', download the programme and post results on the pcanswers forum - they are a really helpful crowd and will advise you much better than I can.

Posted: 22:56 28 Jan 04 #11
  • rperkin
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  • Location: UK
The symptom is the result of a browser hijacker known as CoolWebSearch. Find a custom program for getting rid of it here.

NormanB's advice is good. Personally, I use Spybot Search & Destroy at regular intervals and can recommend it. Get a copy here.

Hope this helps
Posted: 08:12 29 Jan 04 #12
  • Mahesh
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  • Mahesh
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One more thing I have started doing is to change my Admin password and WEP keys every month,you can schedule it like the beginning of the month etc. I have a note book full of randomly thought passwords and WEP keys.

I know its a pain, but better safe than sorry.

Mahesh - eXpansys
Posted: 10:29 29 Jan 04 #13
  • rperkin
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  • Location: UK
"change my Admin password and WEP keys every month"
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not *really* out to get you! :)

On a more serious note, I believe that a combination of MAC Access Control and WEP encryption - even at the lowest 64-bit key level - will deter casual intruders and eavesdroppers. It is *not* proof against a determined attack (although successfully spoofing entirely unknown MAC addresses may prove tricky) - but frankly, who is likely to bother for a home network? And commercial users should be using other security measures, I suggest.

The problem of being unable to access the router login screen has been reported elsewhere on this forum; I would be surprised if this problem is the result of a malicious attack on two separate routers.

nigel01uk: Let us know when you have got rid of the CoolWebSearch problem and any other local nasties, and we'll try to help with the login problem.

Hope this helps
Posted: 21:17 09 Feb 04 #14
  • Tropek
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I’ve finally discovered the solution for the “protected web object” message.
This happened only by chance since I had to change some settings to get Hotmail and Yahoo into the Outlook Express.

It seems that turning off the Anonymous Logon at the IE "Security" tab through the “Custom level” and at the "User Authentication" settings restores the access to the popup login window for the DSL-604+

The working setting now is: "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone".

A rather long way for a very stupid solution.
Please suggest any improvements or report problems / abuse to