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Help Please Phone keeps Freezing

Posted: 09:31 01 Jul 07 #1

Hey guys can some1 please help me. My samsung D500 keeps freezing i turn on the phone and it runs then when i leave it and it goes into screen saver and it freezes and you have to take out the battery to restart the phone can some1 please help me. Thanks



Posted: 11:52 01 Jul 07 #2
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It sounds poorly, unless Del has any bright ideas I would say you need to find somewhere to get it fixed but it might cost more to fix than replace.  Wait and see what Del says tho.
Posted: 04:24 03 Jul 07 #3
Damn! how much do you reckon it'll cost to fix i really loved that fone you noe i want to keep it
Posted: 01:37 29 Jul 07 #4

B4 you go and sell your leg to get the phone fixed try these handy ideas. Reset the phone. do this by taking the sim card out power on the phone and wait till it reaches the insert sim screen, im sure the phone doesnt freeze when it reaches the part where it will say please insert sim card. there are a bunch of samsung full rest codes online google search them. or take the battery out and just above the sim card area bang the phone with your knuckles.

 the best cure for a phone freeze is to debrand it. this will replace the samung firmware back on your phone and get rid of any ugly network brandings.

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