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w800i dead

Posted: 20:59 11 Oct 07 #1
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Hi to all...

Im new here  and this is my first post as you can see :) First of all sorry for my bad english and if i wrhite something wrong i hope that you will understand. Now to my problem :P I have SE W800i and i cannot turn the phone on. I read almost all posts and i did not find solution for my problem. When  i plug in the charger without battery the red light flashes only once and thats it. That light wont turn on if the battery is in the phone.  I download seus and wotan and do every thing like holding "c" or 2 and 5 together but nothing. the computer does not recognise the phone. I hope thet you hove solution for this. 


Posted: 08:56 12 Oct 07 #2

Have you tried it without a memory card or SIM card inserted?  Also have you tried with a different battery?  The 800i is now an old phone and as such I would have expected a degraded battery.  It's possible it just isn't charging any more.

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Posted: 20:51 06 Nov 08 #3
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Hi I am so sorry this is the first post I have ever done and don't know how to create my own. Please can somebody give me some advice on what I can do with my sony ericsson w800i. Last night I put my phone on charge and it was fine. This morning when I disconnected my phone from the charger only the sony ericsson logo appeared on my screen. My phone will not completely turn on. To remove this I have to remove the battery. As it turns on everytime I plug it to the charger I know that it is not dead but I don't know what else to do. I have left it all day and it is still playing up. Please please help me. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
Posted: 09:28 08 Nov 08 #4
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do you have a white screen when it turns on, or a red flashing light anywhere on the top or sides?
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