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HTC P3300 (UK, GPS, Taster)

  • This product has been discontinued, the information below is for reference purposes only.

  • SKU: 139116
  • , EAN: 4710937311082
  • , Mfr: 99HCH023-00
  • , Brand: HTC

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HTC P3300 Features

Move forward the “smart” way with the HTC P3300.

Try the TomTom software on your HTC P3300 and experience navigation for free by downloading one free city map of your choice.

Operating SystemMicrosoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 with Direct Push email
Processor TI OMAP 850, 200 MHz
Size 108mm (L) x 58mm (W) x 16.8mm (T)
GPS SoftwareTOMTOM 6 - City Map only
Memory SlotMicroSD

The HTC P3300 personal mobile navigator ensures you know where you are at anytime, in any place. Navigation simplicity is built in with standalone GPS and the new TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 application (Taster Pack only one free City map). Clear maps and straightforward directions help you arrive on time, ready for the day ahead.

Add to this instant access to your emails, calendar and contacts wherever you are with Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 Direct Push, and fast internet access through EDGE or Wi-Fi® ensuring you’ll always be in contact. The user friendly wheel and trackball makes zooming and viewing your surroundings, or your documents and messages effortless.

- Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 PDA Phone with instant access to your emails.
- Standalone GPS and TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software.
- Full range of connectivity with GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth® 2.0 and Wi-Fi®.
- FM Radio for the latest news and entertainment on the go.
- HTC RollR™ (Trackball/Trackwheel) for easy viewing and navigation.

The HTC P3300 will be available with a 'taster pack' with one free city map, or as a HTC P3300 GPS-enabled Pocket PC Premium Edition , which is pre-loaded with a complete set of maps for Western Europe.

All the benefits of smart but easy TomTom navigation. - Easy-to-use navigation: award-winning software and user friendly interface.
- Latest maps: enjoy access to an extensive selection of maps for all of Western Europe.
- Best routes and clear instructions: maps in 2D or 3D view with spoken instructions in more than 36 languages and over 50 different voices.
- Easy installation: maps and navigation software come on a ready-to-use DVD or memory card that installs instantly.
- View Routes: review your route before you set off.
- Route Choice: choose your route to fit your - Preferences: quickest, shortest, by foot or avoiding toll roads and congestion charges, and more.
- Itinerary Planning: schedule in a program of places to visit before leaving the house.
- Fast re-route calculations: if you miss a turn or instruction, your TomTom immediately reappraises the situation and gets you straight back on track.
- Easy Location Selection: choose how you want to define your destination: street & house number, postcode, city centre or intersection.
Easy phone call handling: voice instructions mute automatically, so you can take a call while continuing to follow the route instructions on your screen.
What’s included:
+ TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 is pre-installed on the memory of the device.
+ 1 free voice file
+ 1 free city map download

How to download the free city map of your choice-
- Tap the TomTom icon on the “Today” screen of your device.
- When you start TomTom, you are prompted to download the free city map of your choice.
- Download a map from a wide selection available via the ActiveSync® connection, or through GPRS or Wi-Fi®.
- Once your chosen map is downloaded, you can immediately start navigating.

Ready to go to more places?
Get the full experience! Purchase the full navigation solution with complete maps of Western Europe, a region or a full country. Visit for more details on how to upgrade.

In the Box
- Pocket PC Phone
- AC adapter
- USB Sync. Cable
- Stereo wired headset with microphone and FM radio antenna support
- Stylus
- User manual, quick start guide & software CD

Download Activesync 4.5 for Windows Mobile 5.0 or WM 6 from this link. Please note once you open your software CD a restocking fee will be charged if you return the unit.

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  • Shipping Weight: 0.95kg

Technical Details

  • Platform
    - Slim GPS PDA Phone
    - Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • Processor/Chipset
    - TI OMAP 850, 200 MHz
  • Memory
    - ROM: 128MB
    - RAM: 64MB
  • LCD Module
    - 2.8" 240 x 320 color TFT LCD
    - LED backlight
    - Sensitive Touch Screen
  • GSM/GPRS/ EDGE Functional Block
    - Internal antenna
    - GSM Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    - EDGE/GPRS: class B, Multi-slot standard class 10 GPS
    - Internal GPS antenna
    - 20 parallel channel GPS receiver
  • FM Radio
    - Tuning range: 87.5Mhz ~ 108.5Mhz
  • Wireless LAN
    - WiFi 802.11b/g
  • Device-to-Device Connectivity
    - Bluetooth 2.0
  • Digital Camera
    - 2 mega-pixel CMOS image sensor
  • Power
    - Battery
    - Removable and chargeable battery, 1,250 mAh
    - AC adaptor
    - AC input: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Keyboard/Button/Switch
    - Power Button
    - Volume up & down Button
    - Voice dialer /Voice recorder Button
    - Camera capture Button
    - 2 Softkey Buttons
    - Send/Hands-free Button
    - End Button
    - Start Button
    - OK Button
    - GPS Button
    - Portal Button
    - 8-way track ball w/ action
    - Track wheel
    - Reset Switch
  • Notification
    - One bi-color LED for GSM network status, notification, and charging status
    - One Bi-color LEDs (Blue & Green) and One Orangecolored
    LED on in the second lens for WiFi (Green),
    Bluetooth (Blue), and GPS (Amble) status
    - Notification by LED, sound, message, and vibration
  • Audio
    - Microphone
    - Receiver
    - Loud speaker for Hands-free and GPS voice instruction support
  • Interface
    - 3V SIM Card slot
    - MicroSD Card slot
    - HTC ExtUSB (11-pin, mini-USB & audio jack in one)
    - External Antenna Connector
    - External GPS Antenna Connector
  • Stylus
    - Lock type mechanism
  • In the box Accessories
    - Standard
    - AC adapter
    - USB Sync. Cable
    - Stereo wired headset with microphone and FM radio antenna support
    - Stylus
    - User manual, quick start guide & software CD
  • Optional
    - Pouch
    - Mono Bluetooth headset
    - Stereo Bluetooth headset
    - Car adapter
    - Car holder
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC Phone Applications
    - Pocket Outlook
    - Calendar, Contacts, Messaging, Tasks, & Voice Notes
    - DirectPush Mail
    - Internet Explorer Mobile
    - Office Mobile
    - Word, Excel, & PowerPoint Mobile
    - Windows Media Player 10 Mobile
    - Pictures & Videos
    - ActiveSync Client
    - Pocket MSN
    - Modem Link
    - Device Management
    - OTA Provisioning
    - Terminal Service Client
    - Calculator
    - Games
  • Value Added Applications
    - Camera capture utility
    - Camcorder utility
    H.263, MPEG4
    - WMP 10 DirectShow plug in to support playing more
    audio/video format
    - Audio Codec
    - MP3/ WMA / AMR/ AAC/ AAC+ (optional)
    - Video Codec
    - MPEG4 / H.263 / Motion JPG
    - MMS Client
    - PDF Viewer
    - ZIP
    - SIM Manager
    - Comm. Manager
    - Voice Dial
    - Smart Dialing
    - OMA DRM v1.0
    - STK 99
    - Backup Tool - FM Radio Application - GPS navigation software [optional]

User Reviews

  • by Anonymous
  • 04 July 2007


Great thing, though camera is not that good as expected...

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