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JIL SANDER Mobile LG-E906 Windows 7.5 (16GB)

  • SKU: 225951
  • , EAN: 5055147574476
  • , Mfr: Jil Sander Windows Phone E906
  • , Brand: JIL SANDER
  • This product has been discontinued, the information below is for reference purposes only.

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JIL SANDER Mobile LG-E906 Windows 7.5 Features

The Jil Sander Mobile reflects the brand's aesthetic of unconditional dedication to contemporary design. Combining elegance and purity with innovative materials and exceptional craftsmanship the Jil Sander Mobile lets you communicate in style.

It fuses the latest technological innovations with clean lines, dynamic color contrasts and textured surfaces achieving a sleek, luxurious phone design.

Designed by the famous Jil Sander with a technical platform provided by LG, this phone runs the next version of Microsoft's smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) which boasts similarly clean lines and premiers an exclusive Jil Sander app that provides a vivid interaction with the iconic design house.

Find out more about the stylish Jil Sander Mobile in our hands-on blog post.

Features you'll love:

  • Luxurious smartphone that comes complete with blue protective pouch and premium headphones, plus a unique Jil Sander app
  • The intuitive power of Windows Phone 7.5 with Internet Explorer 9, packed into a powerful 1GHz smartphone
  • Take a photo with the handy 5MP camera with auto focus and LED Flash, and share instantly or send it wirelessly to your TV via DLNA
  • Plenty of room for photos, music and more thanks to an impressive 16GB of memory
  • The large, yet responsive 3.8 inch TFT / LCD capacitive touchscreen makes it a easy to navigate through the unique WP7 user interface

Manufacturer's description:

Powered by Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango):
With its unique user interface complete with colourful Live Tiles, Windows Phone puts people front and centre, making it easier to connect and share with friends, family and colleagues so important moments are never missed. Windows Phone also delivers a fast, beautiful web experience with Internet Explorer 9 and hardware acceleration. And with a smarter way to app, Windows Phone connects apps to searches, making them easier to discover and use.

Designed to make a statement:
Clean lines, refined colour contrasts and finely textured surfaces converge into a reduced yet luxurious design – mirroring the aesthetic universe of JIL SANDER and enhancing the visual and tactile experience. A radical exploration of the JIL SANDER signature electric blue defines the look of the phone and its accessories.

For Form with Function:
Beyond its luxurious design, JIL SANDER Mobile packs a powerful engine that makes it ideal for browsing the Web or watching video. As well as a 1GHz processor and HSPA+ performance for fast Web page loading and speedy upload of photos, video clips and more, this elegant smartphone offers outstanding battery performance.

Exclusive JIL SANDER App:
The JIL SANDER App allows a vivid interaction with the brand, creating a dynamic interface between users and its seasonal collections, connecting to social media activities and sharing extra content. The shopping menu creates an immediate experience, navigating users through the universe of JIL SANDER boutiques and its online store. The store locator feature allows users to pin-point the closest Jil Sander boutique and estimates the fastest way to reach it.

Share Every Moment:
With a handy 5.0MP camera, complete with Auto Focus and LED Flash, as well as an on-board Video Recorder, the JIL SANDER Mobile makes it easy to capture every moment. But why keep it to yourself? Upload photos or video clips direct to Facebook or transfer them wirelessly to your home TV via DLNA (Play To).

In the box:

  • Jil Sander Windows Phone 7 smartphone
  • Pouch/carry case
  • Premium wired headset
  • USB data cable
  • Manual
  • Safety guide
  • Microsoft COA card
  • 1,500 mAh battery
  • Travel adapter

  • Shipping Weight: 0.54kg

User Reviews

  • by yovannyjose
  • 24 April 2012

Un Gran Terminal con WP7.

Este LG Optimus 7, rediseñado por y para Jil Sander (diseñador alemán), es en resumen un gran teléfono para quienes quieren adentrarse en un sistema operativo nuevo como el Windows Phone 7.5 y para quienes quieren lucir un móvil elegante, exclusivo y cumplidor. El sistema fluye rápido y divertido, la cámara es realmente eficiente, y es todo lo hermoso que no es Android y todo lo adecuado de precio que no es el iOS. Lo mejor son los servicios de Microsoft y apunta a que será líder de fans con el tiempo, ya que es más práctico que Blackberry y mas coherente que Google Android. Es una compra inteligente.

  • by yovannyjose
  • 21 April 2012

Cumplidor y Eficiente!.

Tras muchas horas de estudio sobre móviles libres, escogí este LG Optimus 7, customizado por el diseñador de ropa alemán Jil Sander. El teléfono tiene una bonita pantalla LCD, funciona a la perfección con el Windows Phone 7.5, gusta mucho los ocntroles y la fluidez del sistema operativo, todo lo hermoso que no es Android y todo lo accesible que no es iOS de Apple.Tienes muchas aplicaciones para WP7 en su Marketplace, integra en un Hub todos los contactos de todas tus redes sociales, la construcción se ve buena y por sobre todo es muy elegante y distintivo, ya que el populacho prefiere al Android y los Mas Pudientes al iOS de Iphone. Es un teléfono increíble para comenzar a andar en las redes sociales y estar conectado en todo momento. Por sobre todo el apoyo y servicio de venta de Expansys es muy bueno, pedí y pagué este móvil por canal seguro y en 24 horas ya lo tenía en casa. Altamente Recomendable.

  • by Euan Lowe
  • 07 January 2012

windows mobile deserves some credit

Got this for the girlfriend after the price cut and I have to say it actually makes me want to ditch my nexus s! The software is very slick and intuitive, reception is fine, camera is 5mp but its a good one. You can see your email, calendar, key people right there in front of you at the top. For anyone who can live without 10 apps for everything this phone is highly recommended

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