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Sygic Mobile Maps 9 - Android & Windows Mobile (UK, Ireland & EU Maps)

  • This product has been discontinued, the information below is for reference purposes only.

  • SKU: 187913
  • , EAN: 8586015430015
  • , Mfr: SMMEUR-R4GB-9
  • , Brand: Sygic

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Sygic Mobile Maps 9 - Android & Windows Mobile Features

Instant Navigation.
Intuitive navigation, turn your phone into a fully fledged Satellite Navigation system with Sygic Mobile Maps.

No hidden fees
With pre-installed maps, it is always with you on your phone, without other hidden costs or data plans, with no additional subscription fee for maps or data transfer.

Premium map coverage.
Minimize the risk of driving a route where the road layout has changed. Sygic uses the very latest maps from Tele Atlas and WhereIs. In many countries/territories was the coverage of the road network noticeably increased.

Safety on the road.
Everything you need to drive with confidence from advanced warnings on railway crossings and fixed speed cameras to alerts on speed limits on the roads you drive.

Plug and go.
Pre-activated SD card installs the software and automatically detects GPS.

Professional guidance.
Intuitive design, easy to read as you drive, crystal-clear spoken voice instructions and route guidance. Plus, advanced lane guidance with real signpost information, fast and a powerful address search that accepts ZIP and Postcodes.

Make phone calls
The extensive Places of interest (POIs) database  loaded with the app to help you find anything from restaurants to airports. Every POI comes with a direct telephone number so you can phone ahead and book your favorite table.

Speak the lingo
Set the software to your preferred language for spoken and text. There are more than 20 languages to choose from.

Package Contents
- microSD memory card pre-loaded with Mobile Maps 9
- Software DVD
- miniSD Adapter
- SD Adapter
- User Guide
- License Key
  • Release Date: Monday 5th October 2009
  • Shipping Weight: 0.15kg

Technical Details

  • Latest maps included on-board
  • Crisp-clear catchy graphic interface
  • Smooth map movement
  • Quick destination input options – even when typing with errors
  • High speed of route calculation
  • Instant re-routing in case you missed a turn
  • Rotation sensor for automatic switching between landscape/portrait operation in real-time
  • Automatic return to the app and the up-to-date route after a phone call
  • Intuitive operation & easy personalisation, incl. personal settings of the main screen info bar
  • Automatic or manual day/night view
  • All important safety features, including lane assistance, speed limit indication, safety cameras, information about railway crossings and dangerous areas
  • Preview of the route and turn instructions list for planning journeys
  • Thousands of POIs; among others also a list of parking options nearby for you to select and be guided to
  • Selection between car and bicycle modes for optimum route calculation

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